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Let IOT and AI Determine Whether You Have a Network or a Networth! AI and IOT is the key enabler behind converting your NETWORK into your NETWWORTH

By Shubham Rai

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Imagine a LinkedIn network walking all around you. All you need to do is reach out, connect and do business in a trustworthy manner. Today, I can assure you that technology-enabled networking is likely to be the backbone of enabling your network to do the work for you. It's literally like having blurbs of networth value floating above people around you. Officially thus, putting an end to days where you needed to reach out to super seniors in your organization to source a number for you, or help you get an appointment for two minutes to pitch your business. Everything simply revolves around the merit of your business proposal.

Relevance of New Age Networking

To me, New Age Networking is all about resolving connectivity challenges and using algorithms to ensure business needs are met by business solution providers. With work literally going round the clock, industry leaders are beginning to ask important questions about employee welfare, humane connectivity and most importantly – the balance between productivity, efficiency and life balance. Add to this the challenge of a minimum 1.5 hour, one-way travel to work – you've eaten up any potential unwind time, let alone time for the family. Social networking online and offline combined with business networking is not just about taking away time but also adding to a complex mesh of more and more people expecting your time, and voila! You're asking for a 48 hour day. The questions that need to get asked is: What does a network really need to do for anyone to make a delta change in this scenario?

Network to NETWORTH

The answer surprisingly is much simpler than most networking platforms offer: Converting your Network to your NETWORTH. Imagine a scenario of knowing before you walk into a pitch meeting whether you are walking into an interested party or not. Imagine knowing beforehand, that you have the in-principle approval and it's only a matter of closing the business values in the formal meeting today. Imagine all this coming to you through algorithmically programmed software that has simply put you together with a person of interest in an informal gathering.

As I write about this, I am reminded of a globally trending article by Sauvik Banerjjee, Vice President- Tata Industries- Digital Initiatives, Advisory to Group Co's and CTO of TataCLiQ, he talked about how IOT+AI=Love, Romance and Passion. It was absolutely inspirational! Today as algorithms and technology are beginning to enable like-minded people to connect offline, putting together people with shared or mutually inclusive professional goals, even an INVITE ONLY app has brought together 10,000 of the leading business professionals in India.

Propelling Business through Networking

The business then automatically derives value from the network. "In the process of meeting people from all walks of life, Xelpmoc did an overall business of INR 5 crores through its networking", affirmed COO & Co-founder - ‎Xelpmoc, Jaison Jose.

The key question that plagues the networking industry is what or how does networth get leveraged. To me, every single person has a certain networth – it is only a matter of identifying and plugging it correctly – something that technology should seek to answer. Whether it is finding business value or finding mentors, solving hyper-local issues or solving macro-environment issues, a networking algorithm should actually enable people, help cut through the search effort, fine-tune needs and solutions and bring them together.

Technology today can actually solve real-life business problems. And sooner than later, technology-enabled networking is likely to be the backbone of enabling your network to do the work for you. So to me AI+IOT is not just love, romance and passion; it's also the key enabler behind converting your NETWORK into your NETWWORTH!

Shubham Rai

Founder & CEO, Nodd

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