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India In Mind For Important Decisions Taken by OpenAI: Srinivas Narayanan, OpenAI VP Our mission at OpenAI is to build artificial general intelligence that is safe and beneficial for all of humanity, says, Srinivas Narayanan, VP, OpenAI

By Paromita Gupta

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Srinivas Narayanan, OpenAI VP

The technical prowess of India is not a hidden fact. The country's information and technology manpower is sought by the world and global countries. However, a new age of entrepreneurs is ensuring that the tech talent flourishes in the country. The country ranked as the third largest ecosystem for startups. India boasts of over 6,000 artificial intelligence (AI) startups according to data by YNOS. One of the largest AI players, OpenAI, is keeping a close eye on the ecosystem and its needs.

"Our mission at OpenAI is to build artificial general intelligence that is safe and beneficial for all of humanity," said Srinivas Narayanan, VP, OpenAI at the Global IndiaAI Summit. He leads the engineering team's efforts on products such as ChatGPT and developer APIs.

"We've been developing a growing habit for our leadership team to keep up with, stay close, and to keep learning from India," he added.

This initiative is backed by CEO Sam Altman, Vice President of Global Affairs Anna Makanju, and Chief Strategy Officer Jason Kwon's visits over the past year. In April, the AI startup onboarded its first India-based official, Pragya Mishra, to lead public policy affairs and partnerships in the country.

"We are keeping India in mind for important decisions we are making," said Narayanan. Over the past few weeks, OpenAI acquired two emerging tech startups, including Rockset built by two Indian techies, Venkat Venkataramani and Dhruba Borthakur.

"We launched ChatGPT just 1.5 years ago as a low-key research preview. But in the last eighteen months, we have been witnessing that people are using it in a really transformative way. And it's impacting people's daily lives in all ways we hadn't imagined, including here in India," he reflected.

According to Narayanan, India has leveraged AI in a large way. AI has added speed and dynamism to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India, "They understand market gaps and are building innovative products. And tools like ChatGPT are helping them accelerate this in completely new ways."

OpenAI and its tools are reducing the cost of intelligence, enabling developers to write code, and helping developers create conversational and natural interfaces to compute in. Large Language Model have extensively worked towards reducing language barriers which has got support from the Indian government. Sectors such as healthcare and education have seen impressive adoption of AI.

"It is the biggest technological transformation of our lifetime. We want AI to be aligned with human values, and safety is at the deep core of our mission. We want to maximise the benefits while reducing the harms," he concluded.

Paromita Gupta

Entrepreneur Staff

Features Writer with Entrepreneur India

Covering news and trends in AI and Metaverse segments. An avid book reader running her personal blog on the side. You may reach me at 
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