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India's AI Market to hit $17 Billion by 2027: Here's How it's Changing the Security Tech Industry AI is growing at a rapid rate in India. Learn how that's evolving physical and digital security.

By Ramsey Swamy

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India's AI Market to hit $17 Billion by 2027: Here's How it's Changing the Security Tech Industry

AI is transforming multiple industries within India and is growing faster here than in many other nations. According to Reuters, the AI market in India is set to grow at a rate of 25-35% CARG between 2024-2027, turning the country into a global leader in AI adoption.

Service Now estimates that approximately 4.2 million AI-related jobs will be created over the coming years across all industries—the second-largest figure in the world. Workers with AI skills are some of the most sought-after within the country's talent pool, and AI's capabilities are already changing sectors such as healthcare, education, and finance.

Artificial Intelligence is expanding technology's capabilities, creating new opportunities for growth in multiple industries. One sector that's changing a lot thanks to AI is the security industry.

Why the AI Market is Growing in India

India isn't the only country adopting AI. AI is growing globally, yet India remains a hotbed of committed adoption. One core reason for this is the government initiatives allowing AI adoption to grow. The National AI strategy is one program directly driving growth, as the government aims to improve India's technological power.

Other initiatives indirectly help the growth of AI. Programs like the Digital India Campaign and Start India help with this growth, enabling new businesses to turn to the technology.

According to Mint, global investment in AI has grown at a rate of 24% since 2019. As businesses worldwide invest more budgets in technological advancements, India will always experience a hike in AI adoption. With it, sectors like security are reaping the rewards of enhanced resources.

How AI is Changing Security

Security is reliant on technology. As AI can automate technology and analyse more data, it presents multiple innovations that can change and improve how physical security is delivered.

It's believed that investing in AI security is the next big opportunity for Indian businesses. When speaking to Financial Express, Manjunath Bhat, VP Analyst at Gartner, stated that he "would have loved to see more innovation coming from security providers in India" regarding AI. He believes that too few businesses are adopting AI security despite its potential enhancements.

One such enhancement the security industry uses AI for is instant analysis for trend monitoring. With AI, a security team can assess and analyse various data types to find anomalies that may pose a security threat. For example, AI can track and find trends in how staff use biometrics to enter a restricted area. By quickly analysing access times, AI security can identify when users are accessing areas outside of regular hours, which poses a security risk.

Furthermore, instant AI analysis can also quickly and accurately review CCTV footage to find anomalies by identifying trends and patterns through historical data. This prevents suspicious activity from being missed and eases the reliance on constantly monitoring the footage manually, freeing up security resources.

This AI technology can be used to monitor CCTV cameras in office buildings, storage facilities, and public spaces. In India, AI is also being used to improve traffic monitoring, using the technology to quickly respond to jaywalking, rash driving, and congestion to improve safety. According to TimesNow News, AI traffic monitoring is being adopted to help facilitate the building of 13,800km of highway network while mitigating the risk of accidents.

There's much more that AI can do in the security industry. Machine learning can help enhance security accuracy, reducing false positives to provide a more effective physical security solution. Furthermore, AI can auto-remediate digital security vulnerabilities, creating a self-healing system that's never compromised. AI is currently used to optimise fraud detection, patch management, threat prediction, and vulnerability identification. Yet, trends show that there are more areas within security where advancements are being made.

Trends and Advancements in AI Security

Biometrics - Used for identification, authentication, and tracking of individuals, AI's analytical and processing power can enhance biometric security and prevent crimes by identifying and preventing suspicious activity. AI will play a huge part in the future of biometric technology.

AI Surveillance – AI can advance surveillance using algorithms for automated threat detection, behaviour analysis, and anomaly detection. By identifying patterns and trends, AI surveillance can accurately predict potential threats.

Traffic Monitoring – AI can use data to forecast congestion and optimise flow to reduce the risk of accidents. AI machine learning can also adjust traffic signals based on real-time conditions to improve safety.

Deepfake Detection - AI can detect and flag manipulated images and videos to combat the growth of deepfake content, keeping individuals safe from threats like identity theft and fraud.

What's next?

AI is still a new technology, and businesses are still figuring out its capabilities. Businesses looking to adopt AI security must be aware of a few things.

The primary consideration is that frameworks are expected to be implemented to dictate how AI can be used in security and ensure it's used ethically. Without clear frameworks and rules, AI technology like facial recognition used in CCTV can be used negatively and harmfully, making it unclear whether its use is appropriate.

Businesses should also consider that despite the rise in AI workers, there's still a skill gap. To deploy AI effectively in security, you must educate and enhance the team's technical acumen.

The future is promising for AI adoption. In India alone, job opportunities are expected to increase significantly, which has the potential to positively impact the country's economy. AI will only innovate further, presenting many opportunities for growth in various industries, including security.


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