JEDSTAR Announces Launch Of Its Second Token

$KRED aims to tip the scale in favour of a true mass crypto adoption

By John Stanly


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JEDSTAR announced the launch of its second token $KRED. JEDSTAR aims to revolutionise DeFi (Decentralized Finance), GameFI (Game Finance), and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), by providing true utility and potential income opportunities, paving the way for crypto mass adoption.

Since Bitcoin launched in 2009, believers in a decentralised monetary system believed that crypto would eventually replace or at least co-exist with today's existing currencies. Eleven years later, only 4 per cent of the global population own crypto and its use case as a method of payment even less prevalent.

In contrast, with the rise of mobile gaming, up to 40 per cent of the world's population could be considered at least casual gamers and we have seen the gaming industry generate over $170 billion revenue in 2020 (double the revenue of the music and film industry combined).

JEDSTAR's Arrival

There's where the JEDSTAR team comes in, a team revolutionising DeFi, GameFi and in fervent pursuit of mass crypto adoption, and launching their second token $KRED in November.

JEDSTAR believes that attempting to get crypto adopted as a currency through the traditional financial path, would hit too many hurdles (whether psychological or regulatory) and that gaming, as a global phenomenon is similar to blockchain, in the sense that, it is still a relatively new space that is only just starting to explode - thereby offering huge potential for the future of crypto being adopted through games, as it is already a sector that is utilised by a demography that is technologically inclined, which lessens the learning curve.

That is why JEDSTAR strongly believes believe that blockchain gaming, GameFi and in particular $KRED will be the tipping point for mass crypto adoption.

$KRED features

Currency as a service: A platform and (will be blockchain) agnostic currency. Meaning that not only will $KRED be the currency of JEDSTAR's upcoming games, it will also be enabling game studios and developers to leverage their blockchain technology, to provide to their gamers true ownership of their in-game funds, as well as in-game rewards.

Marketplace as a service: their Marketplace AGORA, powered by $KRED, will enable gamers to truly own their in-game purchases and assets, radically transforming the way ownership of assets is viewed and potentially increasing the value of these assets, as they would have true value out-game

JEDSTAR gives back to the community: contrarily to gaming studios, we give back to the backbone of the gaming community: the gamers and content creators/artists. All in-game assets are owned by the gamers (they could port it out of the game or even out of our platform) and content creators and artists are given royalties on each asset created every time they are sold

JEDSTAR DECO: $KRED is part of a 3 token Decentralised Ecosystem (DECO) that will educate and enable gamers and artists to have a better grasp and access to financial services without any centralised intermediaries or high buy-in and enable them to not only earn income through GameFi and Defi, but also take control of the narrative of our games and lore, through our governance token.

The Brains Behind

On their vision, Josh Gier, JEDSTAR's CEO highlights that: "We believe that similar to what blockchain is trying to achieve with the financial system, it is time that we empower the people that are the backbone of the industry, in this case the gamers and artists."

He added that it is only through decentralisation that we will be able to take back what gaming studios felt entitled to and provide true ownership and income opportunities to those who have been really fuelling the gaming industry.

"And we believe that, unlike the financial industry, radical change and mass adoption is possible through gaming, and we strive every day to develop products, services, as well as educate our communities, to make this vision a reality."

JEDSTAR is a 3 token Decentralised Ecosystem (DECO), which launched their first token $JED in August 2021 and saw a price increase of 80,000% since. They will be launching their second token $KRED and their NFT Marketplace Agora end 2021, as well 2 blockchain games, one CCG and one MMORPG and their Metaverse in 2022.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

John Stanly

Start-up mentor

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