Meet the Toys For the Metaverse Age With thousands of unique variations, these are 3D tiger toys and TOYGERS, so no two toys will be the same

By Shishir Jajoo

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The TOYGERS are coming. When setting up a whole new digital reality, you need creatives to fill in all the gaps. COLLECTILABS has one of these areas covered: the toys. These are not just any toy collection but a physical and non-fungible token (NFT) based game-changing collectable brand. With thousands of unique variations, these are 3D tiger toys and TOYGERS, so no two toys will be the same.

What sets TOYGERS apart from the competition? Many NFT brands are those looking to exploit the market by dropping collections, hoovering up the income, and disappearing. Not this group. Instead, they are building the toys of the metaverse age with a long-term, art-focused and community-driven approach.

Having analyzed the NFT market since way back in 2020, it was only a matter of time COLLECTILABS went from providing analysis and advice to a succession of successful collections and brands to producing their own. Taking their cue from a series of long-term-minded collections in 2022, COLLECTILABS is creating a new NFT brand that focuses on high-quality art and community-driven utilities. They still offer expertise and investment services to other NFT-driven projects.

Who are COLLECTILABS? They are a global collective of artistics and metaverse entrepreneurs, including web architects, security specialists, collectors, investors and metaverse builders. Their Artistic Director is Alexandre, based in Paris. Their 3D artist is Helsinki-based Omar. Meanwhile, digital creativity is provided by the San Diego-based Julio. This is a serious brand with serious backing too. They form a crucial element within Web3 and are backed by Whales of Crypto and NFTs.

The TOYGERS project is a long-term one. Their first phase involves building meta lands in NFT World and SANDBOX. They are also producing upfront 200 prototypes as part of the Physical Genesis Limited Edition TOYGERS collection, with some of these going on into the first physical galleries. Finally, phase one rounds off, mining the first collection with 200+ traits and legendaries.

Next, they will move into phase two, where community involvement begins. They want to work with NFT TOYGERS holders to build the brand, products, and a strong collaborative community. All TOYGERS holders will be able to claim a physical art piece as part of an initial merchandising drive. Then will come a chance to sell physical and digital art toys in shopping areas of Sandbox and NFT Worlds, in the upcoming META, and in BAYC YUGALABS within the Metaverse.

Phase three kicks off with a collaboration with top artists worldwide to create exclusive pieces for the metaverse and real life. These will include hoodies, T-shirts, other apparel and limited edition, high-quality toys with different size options. Furthermore, the community will help drive the creation of TOYGERS concept stores and corners worldwide, and finally auction sold diamond-encrusted TOYGERS editions.

Is the community only limited to input and purchasing products? No. And it's not just a place for TOYGERS owners to get together, either. Phase Four is where the community benefits from working together. TOYGERS owners within the community will be able to earn tokens known which will be based on revenue from growing the brand. This could be an excellent passive income for many TOYGERS owners and a significant gain for the most creative/dedicated.

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