Online Tutorials and Courses Revolutionising the Way We Teach

Online tutoring is also helping ensure that all active learning is task driven, Children are not forced to simply jot down notes of a blackboard

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Technology has revolutionised the world like never before. Yet, can we really say that education has completely changed? Perhaps not! Even today, it is not that different from what it was a hundred years ago. Our classrooms are still crammed with students all learning the same thing at the same pace from teachers who are overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated.

What has changed though is probably the fact that things have become a little more complicated for the parents? They know that their children are growing up in a world that is radically different from the one they grew up in. Their children are now exposed to a world full of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, automation, personalized medicine, self-driving cars and so much more. In the future, they will be working in jobs that probably do not even exist yet. How then are parents supposed to gauge the technique to prepare their children to succeed in a world that cannot even be predicted yet?

Education of our Children

The first step is to start by rethinking how we educate our children. While schools are still great platforms for learning, knowledge is no longer confined to dusty classrooms or old books. The internet has ensured that it is now accessible to anybody who wants it. It is not enough anymore to just fill the heads of our children with information, rather it is important to inspire them to be curious about the world they live in. It is important to encourage them to explore and enhance their curiosity.

The New Age

In recent times, one of the biggest gifts that technology has given to the education sector is the option of online tutoring. Online tutoring is making great progress in bringing about a significant change in the way education is being disseminated. Educational institutions, educators and most importantly parents are realising the benefits that online tutoring offers in all its glory to add to the learning experience and development of children. Online tutoring has emerged as a solution that has bridged the gap between students and tutors and provided the accessibility, affordability, and flexibility necessary to move education forward in a substantial way.

Children no more like to be arbitrarily lumped together into classrooms and forced to learn the same thing at the same pace. Online tutoring is providing the scope to customize learning to fit each individual child's needs and desires and it is up to parents and schools to make the most of this to engage children.

Online Education

Online tutoring is also helping ensure that all active learning is task driven. Children are not forced to simply jot down notes of a blackboard. They are instead assigned tasks to complete and are given all the tools they might need to figure out how to solve the problem. Online tutoring is proving to be a great way of letting children learn at their own pace because there is no constant peer pressure unlike the situation in a classroom. It provides support to students with seamless resources and unlimited material for the in-depth study of subjects. Online tutors are also proving to be great facilitators because they help students figure out how to learn what they need to know. They can provide them with the essential learning material to answer their questions and help them stay on task.

The Benefits

In fact, at a time when parents are so often busy, online tutoring is emerging as a flexible and affordable education resource. Online tutoring websites connect students with subject experts, and in turn, provide the personalized learning that students need. These sites allow students to book sessions that fit their own busy schedules. Parents too can be assured that their children are learning from the comfort of their homes and there is no rush for pick-ups or drops offs.

Of course, it also has to be considered that rethinking education for our children via online learning will yield results only when tutors are reliable, can provide in-depth subject knowledge and can connect with students in a way that promotes development. Websites like are known for their credible approach because they take tutors onboard only after the screening, verifying, and monitoring.

All in all, it's about time that we look at personalized learning as a focal point amidst the massive growth of digital education. Parents and schools have to embrace technology and give students access to the best teachers. Online tutoring is a great way to raise student performance and we need to make the most of this technology that's best poised to deliver results sooner rather than later.

Minal Anand

Founder & CEO, GuruQ

Minal Anand, Founder, and CEO, GuruQ, an enterprising Finance major from Boston University believes that platforms like GuruQ help bring in a steadfastness in the whole tutor search

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