5 Ways in Which Technology Plays a Pivotal Role in the Business of Student Accommodations

Overall technology creates a different kind of experience for student life and makes day to day living very easy for them and it gives access to student living data to the management

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Today technology has become an integral part of our day to day lives. There is practically nothing that one does in this age & time which can do without technology support. Our whole life is revolving around technology and how can a student life be anything different when this is a generation which is born with mobile phone and internet.


1) The Technology

Technology in student life has a huge part to play and especially where they live. Today's student accommodation or hostels are changing and it's all becoming more and more modern with technological integration at every step. For a student right from the time they want to select a hostel facility in the city that they are moving to how they are going to plan their day, needs technology. With the AR and VR facilities online it has become very easy for One to see, experience and select a hostel facility that fits one's needs & budget. They get to see exactly how a room would look like including the tap in the bathroom and the quality of the mattress or cupboard for that matter. This makes life extremely simple for them to select not only their student accommodation company but also the exact room where they would be staying and which can actually help them see through the window in their room.

2)For the First Timers

After moving into a student accommodation the student has to know lots of things as most of the time this would be the first time that he or she has moved out of the comfort of their bedroom in another city and staying in a sharing room or a student accommodation facility. Technology can play a very important role here to make the movement easy and comfortable. A simple app can give the student a complete knowledge as to how to go about their ways in the facility and how to use what etc. today's modern student accommodation facilities have apps through which a student can communicate with the management on the various questions that they may need clarification on. Right from asking for housekeeping to getting laundry done to booking an appointment with a personal trainer in the gym, it can all be handled with the help of these apps. Students can plan weekend trips with few friends and join clubs like, photography, music, cricket etc. this gives them access to an immediate group of like-minded colleagues and makes them feel comfortable in a completely new space.


Since security is a major issue when young students move out of their homes, technology can play a serious role in giving access to only the legitimate staff or students through doors which gives a great amount of security to the residents and in return to the parents that their children are staying in a secured environment. It's not only the access controls that technology manages but it also stores data so that just in case there is some mischief that has occurred somewhere like a minor robbery of sorts, it can immediately be caught with the help of RFID data and CCTV footage which virtually makes unnecessary and harmful activities impossible to happen.

4) Technology

Technology helps a great deal in today's student accommodation facilities to save energy. By installing motion sensors one can save on electricity in areas like the bathrooms, passages, elevators etc, it also helps in saving water as it can monitor the usage and control flow which helps save huge amounts of water. Smart AC's And led lighting also helps in reducing the usage of electricity. All this can be integrated with the student apps which can give them the regular electricity usage meter and accordingly monitor the same.

5)Comfort that Technology Gives

Overall technology creates a different kind of experience for student life and makes day to day living very easy for them and it gives access to student living data to the management which in return can work towards continuously improving their stay in the hostel over the years. Technology helps management to monitor and plan their menus, holiday trips and other events as per the choice of students. Since the number of students staying in these facilities is becoming larger and larger, whether it is a facility on campus or off campus it is virtually impossible to manage without technological integration.