Technology incubator Click Labs launches its third SaaS product Tookan Tookan aims to be their yet another signature product providing a simple answer for businesses giving them back the control over their workforce.

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Chandigarh-based global technology solution provider Click Labs announces the launch of its third SaaS product Tookan, an off the shelf solution, designed around generic workflows enabling multiple use cases for businesses managing field personnel, deliveries and services. Generic workflows enable Tookan to adapt to the specific business model needs.

Having started their operations from Chandigarh, Click Labs was quick to scale to 400 people in a span of just 4 years. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Click Labs has revolutionised the enterprise mobility space with their simple and effortless solutions aiming to combat the disarray that comes with a dynamic workforce. Samar Singla, Founder Click Labs is prompt to add "We have always been pragmatic in our approach, and unconventional cultural changes around us give us a deliberate platform to supplement what we do best, building mobile platforms."

Given the current scenario, management of a mobile workforce is complicated due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders. For businesses involving delivery, offsite service component and field personnel, mobile workforce forms a core competency of the operations.

Parag Jain, CEO, further clarifies the intent saying, "Mobile workforce is here to stay, it is simply more productive than the conventional "sitting in office" model that was prevalent till a few years ago. While this allows more flexibility both professionally and personally but if control is lost, which is very easy in such cases, then the whole purpose of having such a work force is compromised."

The need for this control and management planted the idea of Tookan with the team of Click Labs. With two successful on-demand solutions already running internationally, Tookan aims to be their yet another signature product providing a simple answer for businesses giving them back the control over their workforce.

Tookan has been built around tasks envisioned as a completely new data structure. Just like Excel popularised Tables, Power Point brought array of full screen images, and Trello brought in List of Lists; Tookan is built around Tasks. API based access allows the potential for further value added services to be built on top for businesses that eventually outgrow Tookan.

When asked about the technical features, Sanjay Dhakar, CTO, explains, "The solution includes intuitive iOS and Android apps for the mobile workforce, a powerful web dashboard for managers, and seamless communications and real time tracking for customers. Our product is backed by years of experience and leadership creating technology solutions in the logistics space."

Other Solutions

Click Labs have been working in the on-demand space building platforms for dynamic workforce for the last four years. This experience has led to Juggernaut, one of their solutions, evolve as a platform that takes an approach closer to a standard software development lifecycle to the problem statement outlined above. "While it caters to multiple use cases for more involved business models, there is clearly a supply demand gap when it comes to meeting the needs for the SMB's and early stage start-ups. Hence, Tookan aims to bring the experience of powering tens of custom technology platforms as Juggernaut and packaging it in an easy, efficient and affordable off the shelf solution," explains Singla. Click Labs' other solution is Taxi Hawk, which is a comprehensive suite of automated mobile and web-based scheduling and dispatch software to take the ground transportation business to a new era.

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