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The 8 Apps You Need For Mobile Creativity in 2016 Check out the list of these really cool apps to unleash your creativity

By Hillel Kuttler

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The marketplace has been deluged with newly launched creative apps over the last year. But with so many new and existing apps in the creative space, users can find it difficult to distinguish which is best for them. After reviewing some of the available options, here are some of the best apps for getting clever and creative with your mobile phone's camera.


A Microsoft-created app originally built for iOS functions as an alternative to the native iOS camera. Before the user takes a picture, rather than taking the time to adjust the contrast and other settings, Pix utilizes a form of A.I. to adjust the necessary settings to provide the highest image quality possible. The A.I. algorithm works to reduce noise, brighten faces in low light, beautify skin, and adjust color – with every click on the shutter. Available for iOS and Android. (Free)


One of the essential apps for editing photos to produce high-quality, unique images, this app is basically Photoshop for mobile. The layer-style, swipe-to-edit approach, combined with a seemingly endless amount of fine-tuning controls, makes Enlight among the most versatile editing apps available. A strong, online fanbase offers monthly tutorials to create incredible art. Another Lightricks family member, like Facetune, this app consistently tops the App Store chart. Available on iOS and Android.($3.99)


If you're not willing to fork over cash for Enlight, Snapseed is an amazing all-around photo-editing app that's free. It's part of the Google family, and has been available since 2011 – quickly becoming a star in the app market. Snapseed is equipped with all the basic filters you'd expect from an editing application, but provides the user with full control over photos: brightness, blur effects, reformatting tools and color adjustments. It's easy to use, but contains advanced settings for the pic-snapper looking to take photography to the next level. Available for iOS, Android and Windows. (Free)


In the era of selfies, this portrait-/selfie-editing app is one of the most infamous in the app world, used by the Kardashian clan and other celebs. Created by Lightricks, Facetune allows users to quickly and easily smooth a subject's skin, remove blemishes, brighten eyes, whiten teeth and highlight specific facial features. Facetune was the fifth highest-selling paid app in the U.S. in 2015. Available for iOS and Android. ($3.99)


The most talked-about app this summer, Prisma turns ordinary photos into works of art. Developed in Russia by Prisma Labs, this app uses a now-offline A.I. and neural-net method to dramatically improve standard photos, using the styles of Picasso and other influential artists and art movements. All eyes are on the app developers as they launch new updates and Prisma for video. Available for iOS and Android. (Free)


Bombarding the Internet are looped videos of girls blowing bubble gum and friends waving goodbye – all thanks to Boomerang, a brother app to Instagram. Users can easily film themselves in action, then edit the clips down to a single moment that begins to loop itself that is just plain fun. Available for iOS and Android. (Free)


Face swaps and flower crowns are trending, thanks to the app MSQRD. The forward-facing camera overlays augmented, reality-based images (think dog ears, jester hats, a Mr.Potato Head face, and, of course, flower crowns – onto the user's face. The resulting too-fun image can then be captured and shared with friends. Friends can be on camera together and swap each other's faces, making for silly but entertaining entertainment. Talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel even used MSQRDon a recent show. Available on iOS and Android. (Free)

Google Photos

Another excellent app from the online overlords, Google, is essential for anyone producing creative mobile content. The Photos app offers the ability to upload an infinite amount of photos for backing up and accessing across other Google apps. As the photos are uploaded and stored in the cloud, the app analyzes the geo-locations, digital tags (such as faces it recognizes from other photos and objects within the photos), allowing you to rapidly locate your photos based on place or objects. Photos also combines a user's images with videos to make great visual clips and albums. Available for iOS, Android and Windows. (Free)

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