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The Recruiter Who Had to Change... Big data analytics is here to be the recruiter's most important tool

By Anand GCP

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"Next…Anee…, Avinash…Is he here?"



"Sir, sir…it's me – AVNISH Apte…"

"You are next for the technical designer role interview."

"But sir, sir…I have come for the Product role."


That's not happening anymore. No sir. This conversation is now as endangered as a rare species of insect found in the swamps of China. The world of recruitment is changing. And how!

These numbers will give you a bigger hit than your espresso

They are here. And more are joining in large numbers. There's no stopping them.

Today, the internet has 3.17 billion users with about 2.3 billion of them, active social media users. 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts.

Every month 288 million people use Twitter, 300 million use Instagram and 890 million a day use Facebook. Social platforms, with the largest audiences available, have become tools for marketing, and not just for fashion and rations. Social Hiring is also catching up in a big way.

No more place for the "anti'-SOCIAL

From Pacman to Pokemon Go, we have indeed come a long way when it comes to that little, big world behind a screen. It is getting to us unlimited options and opportunities at every click. From that familiar connection dial-up audio sequence to an ever-growing App world, the transition has been exciting.

"Social hiring'' to source candidates is rapidly gaining credence. A whopping 93 percent of the 1,855 recruiting pros surveyed inJobvite's Social Recruiting Survey use or plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts.

And, it's not any mystery why. It's not just about casting a wider net. Most respondents of the survey said it also improved candidate quality by 44 percent over those using only "traditional" recruiting techniques like phone screenings and filtering resumes looking for skills and education.

Social media has broadened the viewing lens by allowing hiring managers to look not just at experience and skills, but also get a peek into candidates' lifestyles, values and their cultural fit. With Gen Y having entered the workforce, a new challenge of balancing cross-generation value-systems has reared its head.

The Jobvite survey reveals that 80 percent of recruiters are using social media to evaluate a candidate's potential culture match. The emphasis on cultural fit is a major reason recruiters are doubling down on social media as a tool.

The recruiter of today has to move from being transaction-driven to relationship-driven. Few other roles would have seen such a drastic shift in terms of competencies and behaviours required like a recruiter's role has. Today's recruiter is a sales and marketing professionals responsible for prospecting, reaching out, building a rapport, and advancing the "sale'. Not just that, there is one step in the sales process that will become the key differentiator between an average recruiter and a brilliant one: identifying or even, creating a need. This entails asking questions, steering conversation in a way that, by the end of it, the candidate starts experiencing a need for a job change.These clever investigative skills will be increasingly critical, especially as the market continues to grow in favour of the candidates.

We want the person, the Whole-person, and nothing but the "WHOLE' person

According to the Wall Street Journal, "In 2001, 26% of large U.S. employers used pre-hire assessments. By 2013, the number had climbed to 57%."

In another global study, it was found that:

  • 80% of all resumes are misleading.
  • 30% show altered employment dates.
  • 40% have inflated salary claims.
  • 30% have inaccurate job descriptions.
  • 27% give falsified references.

This means that a better source of credible information is needed. The recruiter needs to adopt more fool-proof methods to capture a whole-person analysis of candidates' competencies, experiences, traits and drive to succeed. Using psychometric and other profiling tools to get a genuine slice of the candidate is growing.

In addition to that, companies wish to get more analytics around recruitment in general: for instance, an analysis of a competitor's talent pool, or studying ROI for different modes of employment, and diversity-productivity analysis.

Big data analytics is here to be the recruiter's most important tool.

Yelpification is not going to go away

Every candidate that enters your doors is reviewing you, and posting copiously. Whether you like it or not. This calls for making the interview experience pleasant, positive, even luxurious. An example of this is the "Candidate Concierge". This service includes a downloadable app for candidates which offers GPS guidance to the interview location, the names of contacts and interviewers, and geo-location beacons that send notifications as candidates move through a corporate campus.

Candidates are demanding more personalized "white glove" treatment from the people they meet at your recruitment center. It seems that recruiters now need to not only leverage cutting-edge technology, but also build sharp social skills to provide a "leading customer experience'.

Needed: Content Whiz-kids…from anywhere

An entire new approach to engage with potential candidates is needed. There is demand for videos, blogs and social media posts to showcase the company. Today's job seeker wants to take an informed decision. And with the glut of content on all forms of media, the future belongs to those who can keep it simple and engaging, constantly innovating and creating content that is attractive.

The time has come to build a powerful content strategy that dovetails into your SEO and social media strategy. The creative minds are abuzz with high-energy, concerted efforts to push out high quality content and beat out their competitors. Have you summoned your best minds to do the same? In fact, some companies are not retaining this work with HR or marketing but reaching out to all creative guys across the organization. Quality over quantity will win. Anecdotal, intelligent, content that tells a story is seen to be making the best connects. Tostay afloat and even be spotted amongst a sea of competitors companies are investing in a visually appealing, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website. The aim is to remain relevant, polish the user experience, build a great employer brand towards becoming an employer of choice.

HA+HA=Waaah Wow!

In a recent online survey of 2,000 people born after 1981, 88% of people reported that humor is essential to their sense of self. The race for talent will also mean that the workplace and relationships at the workplace are redefined to include this.

Using humor is a fantastic way to connect and cut through the drudgery of work. You don't have to be a stand-up comedian but clever humor that provides a lift is that perfect sauce to the entrée of work. Humor offers a cognitive shift in how routine stressors are viewed – a pair of fresh glasses, if you please. It's time to summon this magic stress-buster to your recruitment process too.

These are busy times that are heralding a big change! Are you ready for it?

Anand GCP

Founder and Director, Fikka Jobs


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