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Top 5 PC Companies In India in 2024 The companies with the highest market share navigated certain challenges to retain their respective positions in 1Q24; however, some companies recorded a decline in market share compared to Q1 of 2023

By Entrepreneur Staff

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The top five companies reining the current India's traditional PC market (inclusive of desktops, notebooks, and workstations) are HP, Dell Technologies, Acer Group, Lenovo and Asus.

In the first quarter of 2024, the desktop and workstation categories experienced significant growth year-over-year (YoY), standing at 10.1 per cent and 2.7 per cent, respectively. Notebooks saw a slight decline of 1.7 per cent YoY; however, premium notebooks (priced over $1,000) defied the trend, rising by a robust 21 per cent YoY, according to report released by the International Data Corporation's (IDC).

The companies with the highest market share navigated the challenges to retain their respective positions; however, some companies recorded a decline in shares compared to Q1 of 2023.

HP Inc. - HP held the top position in 2024's first quarter with a 30.1 per cent market share, leading in both commercial with 32.4 per cent and consumer segments with 26.9 per cent. They also continued to dominate the desktop and notebook categories with 28.9 per cent and 30.4 per cent shares respectively. HP's success in the Indian market can be attributed to a combination of factors, including its strong brand recognition, competitive pricing, wide range of products, and aggressive expansion. Nonetheless, due to a decrease in corporate orders and delayed consumer shipments, its shipments fell by 8.8 per cent YoY.

Dell Technologies - In the first quarter of 2024, Dell Technologies held a 17.5 per cent share in the Indian PC market, becoming the next to the best, coming in second to HP. Despite this, Dell performed well in both the commercial, achieving 32.1 per cent YoY growth, and consumer segments by reaching 20.7 per cent YoY growth. Dell's growth in the Indian market can be summarized by its strategic acquisitions like EqualLogic, Force10 Networks, and Credant Technologies, enhancing its product range. The company boasts a strong brand presence with an extensive distribution network and a diverse product lineup for different customer segments. Notably, Dell experienced one of its best quarters in the commercial desktop category, shipping 1,55,000 units, which represents a remarkable 54 per cent YoY increase which is a feat largely attributed to government orders.

Acer Group - Acer did well in the commercial segment, burgeoning by 19.9 per cent YoY in the desktop category and 32.0 per cent YoY in the notebook category. Its shipments saw a jump of 28.8 per cent from 367 units to 474 units in Q1 of 2024. Subsequently, it stood third in the market with a share of 15.4 per cent. Its consumer segment also grew by 51.7 per cent YoY, driven by good momentum in e-tail channels. Acer's success in the Indian market can be attributed to a combination of its affordable products, strong retail presence, online sales, focus on government and education segments, diverse product portfolio, and effective marketing and branding efforts.

Lenovo - Lenovo has solidified its status as the fourth-largest PC seller in India's competitive market, backed by a strong brand presence, a diverse product portfolio, and strategic partnerships. In the first quarter of 2024, Lenovo captured a 15.1 per cent market share, despite a slight year-over-year decline of 1.3 per cent in unit sales. The company claimed the second spot in the consumer segment with a 13.5 per cent share, trailing behind HP. However, it faced challenges in the government sector. Conversely, Lenovo's performance in the SMB segment was robust, where it held a 22 per cent share and achieved a 9.4 per cent year-over-year growth, once again following HP. This mixed performance highlights Lenovo's strengths in specific market segments while indicating areas for potential improvement.

Asus - Asus ranked fifth in the overall market with a 5.9 per cent share, down from 6.6 per cent in 1Q23, as well as, experiencing a year-on-year decline of 8.3 per cent. The company's performance in the Indian PC market in 2024 can be attributed to its strategic focus on the gaming segment, local manufacturing, and expansion initiatives. Despite facing hurdles in the commercial sector, the company's emphasis on catering to the rising demand for gaming devices and high-end laptops is projected to fuel its growth in India.

In the overall category, the consumer segment expanded by 4.4 per cent YoY, driven by low volumes in 1Q23 and boosted by Republic Day sales through e-tail channels. Meanwhile, the commercial segment posted a 1.3 per cent YoY growth, propelled by a remarkable 56.9 per cent YoY surge in government orders, despite a decrease in enterprise demand.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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