Why You Should Use React Native For Mobile App Development The simple answer is that developers have to create one single code that works for all platforms: Android and iOS

By Pratik Kanada

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React Native has become very popular among developers in modern times. Most of the tech giants and big businesses are adapting this technology and developing their apps on one of the most trending platforms. React Native framework is basically used to develop cross-platform mobile apps. Coming to the basic question, why should you use this platform? The simple answer is that developers have to create one single code that works for all platforms: Android and iOS.

What is a cross-platform application?

These are basically apps that can work on multiple platforms. It is an open-source platform developed by one of the tech giants Facebook. This platform works well in reducing the difficult development process. React Native app development makes use of JavaScript as the core programming language. This makes React Native an extremely easy language for the JS developers to learn and develop apps with. This platform also cut out the limitations native apps have. There are several benefits of using this platform.

If you are considering developing an app with this platform, you must know everything about it. It's better to make an informed decision. Let's take a look at the benefits of using this platform for mobile app development.

Benefits of using react native platform

Wider audience base: When you develop a cross-platform application, you have the possibility of reaching a wider set of audience. When you target a wider audience, there is a higher possibility of your being a success. Deploying the app in the open market will also be easier.

Lower maintenance: Just in the above point, we discussed about easy deployment. Well, it's not the only benefit, with React Native app development; it's also easy to maintain the developed app. If the developer wants to make any change, add a new feature, or fix any bug, it's very easy. Developers just have to make a change at one single point and sync it on all the other platforms very easily.

Cost-effective: Well, who is not thinking about saving bucks along with developing a great app? Everyone, right? So, there lies one of the great benefits of choosing this platform for development. When there is a startup business, they are looking to create an online presence quickly and at a lower cost. React Native perfectly fits the criteria. This platform saves both time and money while developing an app. The framework will provide a quick return along with a great customer base.

Easy development: React native framework helps in highly reducing the development efforts. It can reduce the development efforts by up to 50 per cent. The reason behind reduced efforts is that one code can run on Android, iOS, and also on the Web. The compatibility of the framework on multiple platforms eliminates the need to rewrite the code from scratch while adding new features to your app.

Easy debugging: Cross-platform mobile apps are extremely effective compared with the native apps when we are discussing debugging. Fixing bugs in one platform will fix bugs in every platform. The developer's life will be much easier and less tiring while doing any changes in the app.

Easy to learn: The framework is very easy to learn especially for the developers who know and are good at JavaScript. The framework is very popular and in trend because of its easy learning capacity and non-complex coding.

Third-party plugin compatibility: It's not that easy when it comes to developing new software for app development. However, when it comes to this framework, it is even easier as the same is managed by tech giant Facebook having plenty of JavaScript libraries. Using such plugins, you can make your app a better performer to a great level.

Personalized UI: One of the biggest benefits of using this framework is that it can deliver a personalized user interface to its users. Each individual user can get personalized UX with the same mobile app.

Lesser memory usage: Whatever platform it is, the react native app occupies very little memory space on the user's device. This is because there is no need for cross-bridge linking and hence the majority of the codes are executed during the run-time of the app.

Pre-existing components: There are several pre-built components in this framework for Android and iOS app development. When the developer codes on this framework to conduct several functions, the same code can be reused on your app without any cost.

Community support: React Native is an extremely popular platform and has a massive online community. They provide massive support to the developers in need. If they have any query or development issue, they can put the issue online and get it resolved very quickly by the fellow developers. Developers get all kinds of support in no time from the community.

Transform from Web to app: Developers can save their time and energy both when it comes to converting a Web application to a mobile application. The framework has intuitive and modular nature allowing coders to reuse the code for multiple platforms by making just a single change.

Wrapping up

So, these were the best reasons to choose React Native for developing apps. If you are looking to develop one, all you need is to hire a mobile app development company in US and get going with the development already.
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