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Say Hello to These Women on Wheels in India On the occasion of International Women's Day, celebrating the spirit of women drivers in India

By Komal Nathani

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In India, there exists a perception that women are not able drivers. They can't drive as good as a man can. But a few Indian women drivers are breaking the glass ceiling and proving their dominance in the arena of driving.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of women drivers who are the breadwinners of their home and earning a better livelihood through driving with cab aggregators.

Entrepreneur India lists down a few women on wheels working with different taxi aggregator companies in and outside India.

Entrepreneur India

Ganga, Ola

After quitting her job as a professional teacher, Ganga followed her passion by driving with Ola, India's leading taxi aggregator. Mother of two children, Ganga was fascinated by the flexible work timings of Ola which enabled her to spend quality time with her family and friends. Being self-reliant was always her priority in life for which she chose driving as her choice of work. Her annual earnings are much more than what she was earning before.

Entrepreneur India

Bhagyalakshmi, Uber driver partner, Chennai

"Not a single day goes by without a customer appreciating my bold move of driving. It is important for women to shed their fears and pursue their dreams, no matter what," said Bhagyalakshmi, an Uber driver from Chennai. 28-year old Bhagyalakshmi was an auto driver for six years before she started working with Uber India. With the increasing number of taxi aggregators in India, Bhagyalakshmi thought of giving professional cab driving a shot. She pooled in money and bought an Indica car. Today, she earns much more than what she used to.

Entrepreneur India

Jayalakshmi, Ola Chennai

A travel-lover Jayalakshmi from Chennai was working as a valet driver with a hotel chain in Chennai before she took the call of working with Ola. Hailing from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, Jayalakshmi has been driving for over five years now as she loves travelling and driving. Jayalakshmi prefers to drive for Ola outstation journeys. She is not just living a self-dependent life but has also trained other women who did not know how to drive.

G Adventures

Shanti, G Adventures

Toronto-based G Adventures is ensuring women's safety with the help of women drivers on the streets of Delhi. In collaboration with Planterra, a non-profit organization, the Canada-based company is taking the charge of women's safety across India by training women drivers. Shanti is one of many drivers, who work for G Adventures in New Delhi. Shanti is a commercial chauffeur who drives people especially women safely to home.

Entrepreneur India

Jasuben, Ola Auto, Ahmedabad

Gandhinagar's Jasuben Rabari fought against all odds to secure her family's financial future by signing up to drive an auto in her city. Rabari decided to work with Ola as an auto driver when none of her family members showed support to her. It was her children who supported her throughout. While talking to Entrepreneur India, Rabari explained how the decision of driving an auto was a big step for her as women drivers were considered a big embarrassment in her family. Despite all challenges and societal pressures, Rabari made her way to drive auto in Gandhinagar with Ola and inspired many other women to earn their livelihood.

She was also lauded by a senior government officer for her brave step. In a chat with Entrepreneur India, she said, "I find solace in the fact that I can do my job with utmost dignity and my family is financially secure."

Entrepreneur India

Gulesh Chauhan, Uber India

To give her ailing mother and only son a financial cover, New Delhi-based Gulesh Chauhan embarked on her journey to work for Uber as a driver. Two years back, Chauhan walked into an Uber Support Centre to learn about the procedures and the services provided to customers. Today, she is one of the highest rated women Uber drivers in her region with a rating of 4.93.

Chauhan has also been lauded by several Driver Compliment badges for her "Great Attitude and excellence services given to customers'. She is enjoying her independent life with Uber India and earning well at the same time. It's her dream that one day Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes a trip in her cab.

Komal Nathani

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