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How Women Entrepreneurs Are Shaping The World Women-owned businesses have influenced the way the globe does business and why other women are deciding to go into the entrepreneur world without any fear

By Ritesh Roy

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Women in business are often overlooked or overshadowed as the number of women only tells part of the story. Over 11 million U.S. businesses are owned by women, generating $1.7 trillion in sales, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners.

These numbers don't tell the whole story. Women entrepreneurs are still in the minority, although times have evolved. The theme for 2023's International Women's Month "#EmbraceEquity", is just the start of shedding light to some of the fight women face in a male- dominant area.

"stop pursuing and just do it "

Women-owned businesses have influenced the way the globe does business and why other women are deciding to go into the entrepreneur world without any fear. With their fearless attitude comes role models who can innovate and social impact.

Most importantly, role models for the generations coming after the current. And there are role models within and in the making, now.

Marlene Powell, a business coach, knew the business was for her and believes that if you're a woman interested in business "stop pursuing and just do it".

"In hindsight going back to 2008 when I saw this opportunity, yes, I would do it over again and again, hence me being in a franchise model up until today with no plans to do anything else... The more you coach business owners the more in love you become with your business. The results your clients get feed your soul and you just want more and more of it. The results your clients get are phenomenal and through their success comes your success. I'm in love with what I do.", she says.

Women from all over the world are fitting into the business world and making a change as well as keeping the diversity and inclusion needed so that everyone can succeed.

Often, women support other women.

But Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH Chairman and Founder, believes in the women in not only his business but all over the entrepreneurial world.

Sugars has highlighted the fact that women-owned businesses are growing at a faster rate than businesses owned and ran by men, and that this trend is expected to continue. He has also noted that companies with a more diverse workforce, including gender diversity, tend to be more successful and innovative.

Sugars has encouraged women to pursue entrepreneurship and leadership roles in the business world. He has also emphasized the importance of supporting and mentoring other women in business, creating a community of successful women who can help each other succeed.

Overall, Brad Sugars is a strong advocate for women's involvement in business and believes that their contributions are essential for the growth and success of any company.

Brad truly believes "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."

"As a minority and a woman, it is great to be a part of an organization that is focused on diversity and inclusion at all levels. Joining ActionCOACH in 2018 as the Director of Marketing and now moving into the Chief Partner Experience role, it is clear that ActionCOACH encourages and embraces the power of women in the workplace.", Carmen Gigar, who works close with Brad, says.

It is time for everyone to believe in women as well and do their part.

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