Boost Your Bottom Line With Better Office Chairs Discomfort and pain could be the reason your staff's performance isn't at its peak.

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An estimated 15.3% of office workers suffer from back pain due to uncomfortable office chairs. It's one of the most common and disruptive problems in the workplace as the result is often absenteeism, which has a major effect on your company's profitability.

Your workforce spend eight hours at their desk, in an office chair you provided. Shouldn't you ensure you're playing a role in their productivity instead of hurting it and your bottom line?

Why the right chair can boost productivity

Research has found that simply providing workers with the right chair could increase employee productivity by up to 17.5%.

How? Well, consider this: If you're uncomfortable, you're going to get up from your desk more frequently, become distracted and restless when you are at your desk. Imagine if all your staff go through that every single day with only eight hours to complete the tasks ahead of them. While you want your employees to take the occasional break from their desk, it shouldn't be fuelled by stress or pain.

Experts say that ergonomic chairs improve productivity as they facilitate our movements, provide stability, and support our bodies while we're seated. But, did you know that an ergonomic chair helps adults feel empowered to complete their deskwork? Comfort is key, and the more relaxed you feel, the sharper your mental focus and the better the quality of work you know you'll produce.

Ban bad backs and boost good postur

Reports show that slouching and bad posture can cause backache, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration. Spine alignment is integral to healthy posture and promotes greater overall comfort. This leads to improved concentration and endurance during long periods of working while seated.

With lumbar and pelvic support comes better posture, better breathing, and less fatigue, entrepreneur and author of the 4-hour Workweek Tim Ferriss found. "Maintaining the natural S-curve through pressure on the lower back is what prevents pain most consistently," says Ferriss, following an experiment of his own with ergonomic seating.

"Comfortable sitting time is now seven to eight hours vs. less than two hours, with no ill after-effects."

Employers must consider spending more time and money selecting suitable chairs for their staff. Gone are the days when a "one make fits all". Bearing this in mind, it is a major operation to buy custom made chairs for each and every staff member.

Are you meeting the basic rules for comfortable seating?

Not everybody fits into the same chair, but there are basic guidelines that can help your employees' health and your company's income:

  • Bottom right back in the chair
  • Upper arm parallel to the spine with the elbow in a 90 degree position
  • Chair should be as close as possible to the work surface
  • Lumbar region should have an adjustable cushion
  • Knees should be in a 90 degree position with your feet flat on the floor.

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