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By Tourvest

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Travelit is a revolutionary online travel management solution backed by the necessary industry knowledge, technological expertise and experience to deliver a solution to any business within budget and on time. Travelit — through its various operating brands within Tourvest Travel Services — saves its clients a significant amount of money, streamlines their travel processes, improves reporting and provides full visibility into every aspect of your travel spend.

"Travelit's founding principle is to deliver significant cost savings to clients. Based on over 1 000 clients, the technology consistently delivers these savings to their client base," says Travelit's Chief Sales Officer, Wayne Muirhead.

"The solution is tailored to each business' requirements, and adheres to the specific policy guidelines, business rules and financial requirements set out by the client. The Travelit system can be configured, through simple set-up pages to meet these needs."

Money matters

Clients want to understand what they have spent on travel, the reconciliation process and the reporting they receive. "All negotiated rates, web rates, aggregator rates and client rates are loaded into the platform, where applicable," Wayne explains. "Users have the ability to search for inventory based on their policy set-up, and retrieve rates from multiple suppliers on a single screen."

The Travelit system uses a simple but sophisticated fully-automated approval workflow engine that takes into account the last ticket date and time stamp directly from the suppliers. "Our solution ensures the timeous approval of bookings through the platform, providing clients with the ability to place low cost carrier bookings on hold and holding the price, while taking the client's business rules into consideration."

People, mobility and security

"Ensuring the right people are servicing an account and managing their payment requirements, is a consistent headache for the corporate client," says Wayne. "With Travelit, users are able to book and see their bookings on any device and complete their transactions on any platform."

In addition to convenience, security is key to business travel clients. The POPI act requires the traveller to acknowledge that their details are being used and PCI compliance ensures all payments are processed in a secure manner, without the storage of credit card details.

"System architecture is top of mind for any IT department, to ensure the company's data is safe and secure," Wayne adds.

Travelit's online solution offers:

  • One solution to simultaneously search all airlines, hotels, car hire and guesthouses.
  • A simple yet powerful layout effortlessly displays a price comparison that includes private, public, corporate and web rates.
  • A custom-made approval process follows the seamless online reservation, which once approved activates the efficient automated ticketing.
  • Offline support services are available to select clients.

An online solution

  • All documentation available online
  • All segments booked online
  • Online changes permitted
  • Real time online reporting
  • Specific negotiated online deals.

An African solution

  • The leading online solution in Africa
  • Active in multiple countries
  • Revolutionary payment solution for vendors in Africa.

A policy solution

  • Streamlined efficiency from workflow approval to policy compliance and negotiated deals
  • Duty of care in line with travel policy.

A content solution

  • Largest content provider in the market
  • Multiple suppliers and GDSs on one platform.

What makes Travelit the best in the market?

  • Multi-leg international routings
  • Travel behaviour reports
  • Alternative solution to bill-backs
  • Racked booking patterns
  • Accommodation feedback solution
  • Comprehensive fare calculator.
Tourvest is Southern Africa’s leading integrated tourism group, operating businesses which range from travel management companies, hotels, lodges and restaurants to craft, curio and jewellery shops and foreign exchange bureaux, under some 60 sector-leading brands, employing more than 5 000 people.
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