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Press Kit Definition:

A comprehensive package of information outlining a company's products and services most frequently sent to members of the press

If you haven't put together a press kit for your business, it's time to consider it. A press kit--also called a media kit--is a prepared package of information you can send out to anyone looking for more information on your company. Most commonly, it's sent to members of the press.

As you grow, you may come to the attention of local or national media and need a way to quickly and completely communicate key facts about your company. The press kit provides a simple solution to this need. A complete press kit contains the following:

1. A brief company biography. This should be a one- or two-page summary of what you do and what makes you special. It should be a quick reference guide to your organization and include your full company name, address and contact information, mission statement, organizational structure, products and services, locations, number of employees, and relevant financial information.

2. Short biographies of senior management. Each one will include full name, title, education, professional affiliations and awards, family and community involvement and awards. A paragraph or two per person should be sufficient.

3. A sheet of testimonials with comments from customers. You may also include awards and citations.

4. Reprints of newspaper and magazine articles, printouts of Web sites and references to television and radio shows your company has been mentioned in. Articles and media exposure lend tremendous credibility to your company.

5. Photos of products, people, facilities or other important parts of your company. This will help put a face on your company.

6. Something to put it all in. Make it something like a pocket folder with your logo on the cover.

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