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Taco Bell to Give Away Free Biscuit Tacos as Breakfast Battle Rages On


Taco Bell is reigniting the breakfast wars by serving up free breakfast tacos.

Taco Bell

On May 5 (a.k.a. ), the fast-food chain is giving away free Biscuit Tacos between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. in honor of "Breakfast Defector Day." The brand announced the giveaway today using 's live-streaming app Periscope -- a social media-savvy move from a brand dedicated to marketing to millennials.

In March, Taco Bell took the infamous Waffle Taco off the menu, replacing the item with the Biscuit Taco, a similar breakfast offering that folds in ingredients such as bacon, sausage, eggs and cheese.

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Since Taco Bell launched breakfast about a year ago, the company and McDonald's have been battling for control of the breakfast mealtime. Aggressions recently heated up after Taco Bell launched the Breakfast Defectors campaign in March, airing a series of ads with strongly anti-McDonald's undertones.

McDonald's responded to the Tex-Mex chain with a sassy tweet. Some McDonald's locations began offering free McMuffins with a Taco Bell breakfast receipt -- a move that seems more likely to boost traffic at both companies than help McDonald's get ahead. The burger chain additionally has begun testing breakfast all day in select locations, as the company prepares to announce a turnaround plan on May 4 -- the day before "Breakfast Defectors Day."

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