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Dunkin's Ben Affleck Tracksuits Sold Out Almost Immediately. Here's How the Coffee Chain Is Celebrating. Dunkin's "DunKings" merchandise featured in their Super Bowl ad with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady quickly sold out (twice) earlier this week.

By Carl Stoffers

Key Takeaways

  • Dunkin' has released an extended, four-minute version of its Super Bowl commercial.
  • Merchandise featured in the ad, including tracksuits and bucket hats, quickly sold out.
  • This approach, alongside strategic celebrity partnerships, has bolstered Dunkin's brand recognition across generations.
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Dunkin's DunKings merchandise — especially the tracksuits and bucket hats worn by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady and their backup dancers — have sold out twice since their release on Monday at noon. The DunKings merchandise line features four items, including track jackets and pants worn by the DunKings in the ad, alongside drink tumblers in Dunkin's signature orange and pink colors and a fuzzy bucket hat.

To celebrate, Dunkin' released a four-minute-long "Extended Cut" version of the commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday.

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Sold out (again)

Dunkin' told Fox Business that the DunKings tracksuits and bucket hats sold out within 19 minutes of going on sale on Monday, marking the quickest sell-out time for any collection on Even after restocking the original inventory four times on Tuesday, the jackets and hats quickly sold out again, with orders coming from across the country, Fox Business reported.

Among the items, the track jacket emerged as the fan favorite, selling out the fastest, according to Fox. As of Thursday morning, the track jacket and bucket hat were still sold out, while the pants and tumblers were available for pre-order.

Dunkin' ships all merch for free, but preorders aren't scheduled to ship for 5-7 weeks.

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Ben Affleck: Pop star?

The Extended Cut features more of Affleck's journey from actor and director to...pop star, which began during the Grammy Awards earlier this month when the brand premiered a cliffhanger commercial pairing Affleck and TikToker Charli D'Amelio, in which Affleck vowed to become a pop star like his wife, Jennifer Lopez. We see a bit more background, more of Affleck rehearsing and a bit more humiliation as Lopez realizes what's happening when he barges into her studio.

As of Thursday morning, the Extended Cut was approaching one million views in less than 48 hours since its release. Dunkin' also released a "lyric video" of the DunKings' Don't Dunk Away at My Heart. That video, which only features the song and audible lyrics (no Affleck hijinx), only has about 54,000 views.

Ben Affleck campaign

Dunkin' has experienced a remarkable 12 months, highlighted by a Super Bowl commercial last year featuring Affleck as an inept Dunkin' employee, which alone attracted more than seven billion media impressions.

Then, the brand successfully targeted Gen X and Gen Z demographics by pairing Affleck with Ice Spice last fall, helping to maintain its position at #6 in the 2024 Franchise 500 rankings. The momentum continued with the Charli D'Amelio commercial during the Grammy Awards on February 4.

This campaign, along with a memorable Saturday Night Live sketch starring Affleck's brother, Casey Affleck, has significantly raised Dunkin's profile, making it one of the most widely recognized brands nationwide.

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