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How to Start an N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise in 2022 Here's what you need to know to open a franchise with a top rated, fast-growing brand. Who knows, it could be the perfect franchise for you.

By Entrepreneur Staff

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N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise Information

Founded in 2001 and a franchisor since 2003, N-Hance Wood Refinishing is the premier wood franchise opportunity for executive business builders. Who are focused on growth Over time, wooden cabinets and hardwood floors can become damaged, faded, and build up dirt and grime, making their appearance flat, discolored, and lifeless. The N-Hance refinishing process thoroughly cleans these surfaces, removes old coatings, repairs damaged areas, and applies an elegant factory quality finish. N-Hance uses proprietary chemical abrasion and refinishing techniques that require no sanding to restore the natural beauty of cabinets, hardwood flooring and trims – all at one-third to one-fifth the cost of traditional re-facing or replacing of cabinets.

With more than 500 franchise locations across the United States and North America, N-Hance has become one of the fastest growing franchise in the nation for six consecutive years. Their proven business model and proprietary processes continue to attract the best and the brightest entrepreneurs who recognize the niche role N-Hance plays in the $425 billion home improvement industry. The franchisor offers a robust menu of services that add up to multiple recession-resistant revenue streams, including kitchen cabinet refinishing, kitchen cabinet door replacement, hard wood floors refinishing, floor sanding, railings, doors, and furniture refinishing, and more.

Explore Ownership with N-Hance

Below are a few convincing reasons to investigate the N-Hance opportunity:

Scalability: This business is perfect for the investor who understands scalability, with limited additional investment in human capital and equipment necessary to grow.

Low Buy-In: N-Hance is a low cost investment, making franchise ownership accessible to many more entrepreneurs than other home-improvement brands on the market.

A Red-Hot Market: The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University reports in a recent study that the home improvement growth market hit a record of nearly $450 billion in 2019.

Superior Training & Support: Our Quick Start Program will help you get established fast: Once you come on board as a new franchisee, N-Hance builds out a plan that encompasses the entirety of your first year.

N-Hance is led by Kelly Jensen, president, Tyson Blais, director of franchise support, and D'Wayne Tanner, senior vice-president of franchise sales. Over the years, N-Hance has earned multiple appearances on Entrepreneur Magazine's prestigious Franchise 500 list.

How to buy a franchise: The costs of starting an N-Hance Wood Refinishing franchise.

To open an N-Hance Wood Refinishing franchise of your own, here are the financial requirements and ongoing franchise cost and fees associated with business ownership:

Initial franchise fee: $13,347 - $64,582

Initial investment: $58,547 - $197,582

Cash requirement: $50,000 - $90,000

Veteran incentives: $2,500 off first-unit franchise fee

Royalty fee: $209-$786/mo.

Ad Royalty fee: $200-$400/mo.

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N-Hance Wood Refinishing franchise training and support.

Franchise development is a priority. N-Hance's initial training is comprehensive, and includes nine days of immersive, on-the-job training at N Hance University, located at our headquarters in Logan, Utah. The brand helps franchisees develop a business plan, provides assistance in obtaining required licenses, marketing support, and additional services necessary to help launch your new business – including a business coach to help new owners set goals and exceed expectations.

The brand offers a proprietary Quick Start Program, which includes marketing support and also sets new franchisees up with the Home Depot in their community to gain new leads quickly. N-Hance offers in-house financing to cover the franchise fee, equipment, and inventory. The brand also has relationships with third-party funding sources that offer financing for all the above, plus startup costs.

What is the BELFOR Franchise Group advantage?

BELFOR Franchise Group is the parent company of N-Hance Wood Refinishing, as well as several other well-known and respected home services franchise brands, including Chem-Dry, redbox+, and 1-800 Water Damage (among the previous owners were Harris Research, Inc.). Thanks to the networking and experience of their leadership team, BELFOR Franchise Group is the dominant brand in the restoration, home services, and commercial cleaning industries. Franchisees who choose a BELFOR Franchise Group brand can be sure they'll receive superior assistance and service with proven business models, unmatched training and support, and access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Take advantage of a unique & emerging market segment.

N-Hance Wood Refinishing has more than 500 established franchise locations in the U.S. The brand is actively recruiting new franchisees in several states, including New York, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and Pennsylvania. N-Hance provides each franchisee with an exclusive, protected territory. The size and cost of the territory will depend upon the predefined population density and geographical boundaries. A typical protected territory will have a population of approximately 250,000 to 350,000 people. N-Hance's average franchisee has the exclusive rights of operating in 2.6 territories. For a comprehensive look at existing and open territories, please visit the available markets on the brand's website.

How much money do franchisees make?

Ready to build a wood cabinet? Kitchen cabinets? Boasting outstanding operating margins and top line revenue potential of greater than $1.4MM on a minimal investment, N-Hance Wood Refinishing is a low-cost, highly scalable investment opportunity with the potential for high returns. The most recent figures regarding average sales volume for franchisees indicate that the top 25% of owners generated on average $841,000 in revenue. For a detailed look at additional revenue numbers and financial viability, please review a subset of N-Hance's Item 19 from their franchise disclosure document (FDD).

What would you do as a franchisee?

Ready to open a new franchise location? N-Hance franchise owners love wood surfaces. They offer customers in their territory a robust menu of services that are easy to implement in meeting the pent-up demand for refurbishing. Each franchise owner will market their home remodeling services for kitchen cabinet refinishing, kitchen cabinet door replacement, hardwood floor refinishing, floor sanding, railings, doors, and furniture refinishing, and more. Franchisees will work closely with the brand to establish vendor relationships, new customer acquisition, set appointments, oversee project management and build their incremental business opportunities in their own communities.

Home services franchises & repair franchises: The right opportunity for right now.

The demand for affordable wood refinishing is booming — and should continue to grow for years to come. There are roughly 135 million homes in America, which means that there are a lot of households with hardwood surfaces and cabinets. A report by The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University (JCHSHU) reveals that the combination of aging homes (the average is more than 50 years old), rising home prices in many markets, and an aging population (10,000 people become seniors every day), are all key indicators that a strong home-improvement market should exist for years to come. This trend is expected to continue. JCHSHU reports that "the home remodeling upturn will continue into 2022," as homeowners are hiring professionals to tackle large-scale projects in growing numbers. MarketWatch reports that home remodeling is a $450 billion industry, and it's only getting bigger and bigger. In fact, the industry is expected to hit $500 billion by 2026.

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