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Inaugural 'Franchisor Appreciation Day' Set for September 15 New initiative offers gratitude to the "behind-the-scenes" personnel who support the brand's franchisees

By Jeff Cheatham

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Thanks to a grassroots-based organizational effort, the inaugural celebration of "Franchisor Appreciation Day" is set for September 15 — a day set aside to acknowledge the effort and support provided by franchise brands to their franchisees.

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Why franchisor appreciation day is overdue

Keegan Trudgen, a multi-unit PuroClean franchise owner, created Franchisor Appreciation Day. Prior to his role as a franchisee, he himself worked in several support roles, including marketing and finance, where he noted firsthand how thankless some of his client service-based tasks could be. The idea came to him after listening to an NPR podcast about the "Holiday Industrial Complex," featuring the ways many cause-based celebrations got their start. For years, he'd been sending lunch to the PuroClean home office in Tamarac, Florida, to thank them for their support. The way he figured it, a dedicated Franchisor Appreciation Day would double as a reminder not to forget this annual lunch offer. "I sent them lunch because I wanted to let them know that I appreciated their work and support," said Trudgen. "The least that I could do is send them a thank you lunch once per year."

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A franchise industry veteran weighs in

To get the ball rolling on making Franchisor Appreciation Day official, Keegan enlisted the help and support from Scott Greenberg, author of "The Wealthy Franchisee," after seeing him speak at a PuroClean convention. Greenberg is someone who understands the value of establishing strong relationship links between franchisors and franchisees, stating, "I've been a franchisee and have worked with countless franchise brands as a speaker and consultant. The best brands I see have strong cultures and constructive relationships. When gratitude flows in both directions, the brand as a whole becomes stronger, which is good for everyone." Greenberg goes on to describe why a Franchisor Appreciation Day is warranted. "The term 'franchisor' brings different images to mind. To some, it's an abstract corporate entity. But the term also refers to the entire team who works for the brand in service of franchisees. These are the people working in cubicles or out in the field. They're the ones taking phone calls, responding to emails, and all too often, listening to complaints. If a franchisee is upset about something and wants to discuss it with the 'franchisor,' it's usually these people who hear it first. It's a hard job, and they're probably not getting rich doing it. They deserve some acknowledgement from those they're serving."

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Franchisor Appreciation Day website explains how to celebrate

Thanks to PuroClean's digital marketing agency, Franchisor Appreciation Day already has its own website:, which includes a five-minute embedded video introduction. The website explains the reasoning for the initiative, positioned with a backdrop of industry statistics on the reach and impact of franchisors. The site offers five specific ways to celebrate "Franchisor Appreciation Day:"

  • Send lunch or a sweet treat to your home office support team
  • Post your favorite photo with you and the home office support team on LinkedIn or Instagram. Don't forget to tag the company and the people in the photo!
  • Post an appreciation message on your company's social channels; use the hashtag #FranchisorAppreciationDay
  • Send a card to your home office support team and thank them
  • Give your favorite support staff member a call and thank them for their efforts
  • We've included some useful social media graphics and suggestions for captions below to get you started. Happy #FranchisorAppreciationDay!

The Franchisor Appreciation Day site also provides participants with several ready-made, downloadable graphics to share on social media posts, featuring a variety of hashtags, including #BetterTogether, #StrongerTogether, and #SupportSmallBusiness. Hope LaMonica and Madalina Iordache of Bright Pink Agency are both credited with putting the site together to make things official. LaMonica reflected on the opportunity to contribute to this deserving new holiday. "I hope that franchisees will take a moment to thank their home offices. Send food, flowers, candy, a card or even a phone call just to say thank you for helping us grow all year, helping us succeed. Behind the scenes, there is an entire staff working there, and I hope they all get the recognition they deserve."

A day set aside to celebrate gratitude

"The purpose of Franchisor Appreciation Day is to devote one day a year to express gratitude to the franchise brand professions who support franchisees," says Scott Greenberg. "Whether it's through small gifts, food, cards, videos or social media postings, anything that reminds franchisors that they're appreciated is in the spirit of the day, and in the interests of the industry." Keegan Trudgen echoes these thoughts, stating. "I hope Franchisor Appreciation Day gains traction," says Trudgen. "I hope that it becomes a day championed by franchisees who value the people who support them and help them to run their businesses. And I hope that it puts a few smiles on people's faces. That's it. There is no ulterior motive – just a day to say, 'Thanks!'"

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Jeff Cheatham

Founder and CEO of Creative Content

Jeff Cheatham is the founder and CEO of Creative Content, a full-service copywriting and public relations firm. He's based in Dallas and works with multiple B2B clients and over a dozen franchise brands to develop proprietary content campaigns for lead generation and sales development programs.


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