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12 Science-Backed Ways to Get People to Like You (Infographic)

Check out these quick tips to help you get more friends and allies.

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The bigger your network is, the better off you are in every aspect of your life. At work, among friends or with family, the more people like you, the more they want to help you. Whether you're trying to get a promotion or trying to ask someone out on a date, getting in people's good books is important for personal growth. But that can be harder than it sounds. To make it easier, here are some tips to help.

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For starters, when talking to someone, always try to bring up shared interests. According to research, people are inherently attracted to those who are similar to themselves. And in a more literal sense, when actually talking to a person, you can show your similarities by mirroring a person's gestures. This "chameleon effect" has been found to encourage the development of bonds.

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Another important tip when communicating with someone is to always say that person's name throughout a conversation. Using a person's name not only shows that you remember and acknowledge who they are, but that you're paying attention and think they are important. Beyond just saying a person's name, you should also try opening up to them. Sharing personal things about yourself rather than just making small talk instills a sense of trust and closeness. This can be a great way to jumpstart a relationship.

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From having a sense of humor to smiling and having open body language, check out QuidCorner's infographic below for 12 science-backed ways to get people to like you.

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