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3 Major Attributes Needed to Achieve Your Goals Success or failure is within your grasp and no one else's. Get a goal-achieving mindset.

By Tamieka Lee Edited by Dan Bova

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Taking on a leadership role is not just who we are but, it's what we do. Each and every one of us is a leader in our own right. We all have goals we want to accomplish in life, have accomplished and will accomplish. However, our goals must inspire and motivate us, and they have to have great value to them because these are determining factors if we will successfully carry the goals out to the end. One thing we all have in common is that we love the finish works of our goals but, the issue is the time between setting our goals and completion. The goals can be either short term or long term targets, but whatever the time frame, you have to want it badly enough and create a plan of action to achieve that goal.

No matter your level of success, you must personally develop yourself in order to evolve. Foundational qualities are necessary to be applied for growth and to be able to sustain your progress. Here are 4 praiseworthy virtues which are proven qualities you must implement, personally develop and transform into tangible actions in order to successfully achieve a goal.

Be fearless

Dare to see yourself as that entrepreneur or mogul with a thriving business, where you have an enterprise and you're a conglomerate. But, fear is the sister to distractions and disappointments and is most important in ridding yourself of. Fear is a disabler, and that means fear weakens, destroys and can disqualify anyone from receiving the maximum benefits and results. Fear can take away your dream of doing all of the things that you imagine yourself doing. Merriam Webster's definition describes fear as to be afraid of; expect with alarm." Fear is also used as an acronym that most people have memorized from hearing it often. That acronym for fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. Whichever definition grabs your attention it is apparent that fear is an unpleasant emotion that many people put much emphasis on and struggle with in life. But, in order to accomplish any goal, you must conquer any fear that stalls your growth.

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Pay attention to what could be holding you back from reaching your goal. We have to make a decision to change because we can miss out on major life opportunities. When you're operating in fear that means that you do not believe in the process and/or you have lost confidence in your abilities. Start building up your self-esteem and continuously work on your self-confidence. At this point, fear diminishes and then success becomes the focal point and provokes your dream to become reality. Believe in yourself. Visualize what you want out of life and be what you are aspiring to be. This means you're changing your mental and physical outlook, Start killing those negative thoughts and start thinking positive about self and start thinking positive about the outcome of bringing your goals to fruition. Stop listening to sad songs, negative talk and negative thoughts. Self-improvement works and it does not stunt your growth.

Equip yourself with all the tools necessary to help you overcome anything. Step outside of the box that you're in. Face the opposition with force, face the fear, allow your actions and accomplishments to prove you right! Have a mind of steel; be fearless, don't you know this is motivation to your success? There is this inspiring quote by Michael Jordan, that says, "Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try." If you try and fail, start again, and give yourself a sufficient amount of time to regroup and re-plan. Anything negative can be overcome with everything positive. The most unrewarding risk is not taking a risk at all. Go from devastation to rebuilding. But, to have intentional inaction is just a setup for an incompletion and unwarranted failure. Change some things to make way for excellence. Take that leap of faith. If you start and work through any process, you will have an unforgettable finish. Remove fear from your mind, your goals and most importantly your life.

Empowering mindset

Growth, success, happiness all starts in your mind. It does not matter what stage of life you're at, you can always move forward. It doesn't matter if you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur but, not sure how to transition from a full-time job into your new role as an entrepreneur. There is always room to excel. You not only have to use your gifts, talents and abilities but, you must expand your vision. Not only should you have a big vision of your future but you should have a mindset of your enlarged territory. Think Big. You have to make up in your mind that you will have unlimited possibilities that will propel you to new levels.

Mindset is so important to every aspect of succeeding in your goals. "You must," and when the verb must is used it denotes, "necessity. So, it is a necessity that you adjust your perception about things and incorporates a positive mindset. Did you know that developing a positive success mindset is drastic when you want to achieve any goal? The mindset is that thing that drives our energy and it drives our actions. Think about what you're thinking about and, daily, develop the right mindset as this can be the difference between achieving exceptional things produced in your life and having unproductive/undesirable results. Make it a habit to think positive, and it will become a lifestyle because a positive thought process brings forth a positive attitude. If you think of the glass as empty, half empty, half full or full. You will have what you think. Start thinking up; Think about things that bring forth fruit in your life, ripe fruit and not dried up and undeveloped fruit. Manifest through an empowering thought process a favorable and pleasing reality. Delete negative thoughts that produce stress, depression, anxiety, negative self-talk and fear and add to your life thoughts that produce health and wealth, positive relationships, better business acumen and more available resources for increased productivity.

Unwavering determination

When you're determined to do something, you get such an adrenaline rush. Determination is that positive emotional feeling that pushes you to persevere. Determination is an innate quality in humans but, everyone does not acquire this trait, some learn how to be determined to go after a goal after possible negative circumstances they have endured in life. Determination is that hunger that drives you to go for the gusto. Determination happens before goal attainment and it instills in you the inspiration and behavior to accomplish that goal. Determination is that which causes a person to be resilient. Determination means the "firmness of purpose." (Definitions.net) it's the ability to continuously do something, even though it's hard, even though it's difficult, even though you've encountered disappointments and distractions, even though you may have failed at something you wanted so badly. In lamest terms, it simply means not giving up. Determination requires will power, having a strong will. Determination is when you are trying to build your brand or your new business and you are seeking investment capital and all the avenues you're taking; "you still coming up with, "Lint." Well, a determined brand builder, Boss, Entrepreneur would not give up and would continue to seek angel investors, grants and opportunities. A determined Leader would have the resolve to continue to work hard, resist failure and remain consistent at making reaching that goal a priority and accepting awesome and rewarding results. A determined Life Coach, Author, Influencer or Motivational Speaker would choose to stand firm to positively impact the lives of others and building a legacy that no one will forget.

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Trust the journey that you are on, as long as you are on the right path. Do not be bound to the darkness that shatters so many dreams. There is a grace that accompanies your life and you will not walk in that assistance if you don't utilize the potential that you have within. Be goal-oriented, driven and obtain results. Be humble and obtain the favor needed to grow. Have strength, endure all obstacles and see the achievement of your goals to the end. Goal success is a mindset that can be won and proven with tangible results. But you have to do the work!

Tamieka Lee


Tamieka Lee's passion is empowering others to plan for prosperous, purposeful living. Whether mentoring youth or coaching leaders, her unique approach inspires all to break free from limitations, overcome obstacles to experience life transformation and success.

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