5 Digital Advertising Tips That You Need to Know Read this before beginning any online promotional campaigns.

By Asim Mughal

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The success of a digital advertising campaign depends on a variety of factors: From targeting the right audience to converting them into customers to carefully executing every step of the process is crucial to the competency of your campaign. If you don't optimize each part of your ad with the conversion goal in mind? You're at the risk of losing prospects.

Here's what every company must consider when making sure the ad does what it's supposed to do...

Focus on ROI

The most common mistake people make with their campaign is focusing on the visible appeal of their ad rather than the results. While your idea may appear excellent to you, there are chances that it won't convert as expected. On the other hand, a seemingly dull deployment can sometimes bring unbelievable results. Your aim should be to focus on the ROI, and not the aesthetics.

You may weigh the success of your campaign through metrics like CPC, CPA, CPM, conversion rates and views. These will give you a sound understanding of how your campaign is performing.

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Track conversions

Google Ads provides a tool that tracks all of the leads generated and shows how well they are performing. You can get insights about your promo's performance in terms of sales, email newsletter signups, downloads, form filling and various other factors.

Conversion tracking shows you which areas of your campaign are working in your favor and which ones need your attention. This data helps you make informed decisions and build a solid strategy based on what your demographic needs.

Target the right audience

A campaign that's not targeted to the right people is meant to fail. You cannot just display your ad to random individuals and expect them to become your customers. To get maximum ROI from an online idea, targeting the right audience is a key step.

Dedicate some time to thoroughly research your target audience. The more specific you can get about their demo, the higher your chances of reaching the right people will be.

Google Ads allows you to target your advertisements according to specific geography and demo. Having precise data about your target audience helps you make the best use of this feature.
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Optimize your landing pages

A key element of your advertising funnel is the landing page. Think of it as the sales person who's sole aim is to convert that visitor into a customer. Without a laudable landing page, your digital presence will not bring you the results you expect.

Here are six bullet points on ensuring your little landing page has big conversions:

  • You need to hire an expert to create your landing page content
  • Provide all the necessary information on said page. The user must not have to search elsewhere to find out more about your service.
  • Keep the interface simple and call to action buttons direct.
  • Add reviews to keep undecided customers interested.
  • Keep all elements focused on a single goal.
  • Clearly state that goal in your CTA.

Analyze data

Tracking digital ad campaigns is tricky. Therefore you must have an analytic platform setup correctly to view your campaigns from a 360-degree angle.

Having all of your campaigns data tracked can help you analyze where your money is being spent and how much ROI you're getting against each dollar.

Use this data to make wiser marketing decisions and further optimize your campaign for a higher ROI.

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Asim Mughal

Co-founder of Webbee Inc. (Online Marketing Expert)

Asim Mughal is the co-founder of Webbee Inc. He is a business analyst who helps companies improve their search visibility and grow their business sales and revenue.

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