5 Tips for Finding Employees via Job Hiring Sites Your expanding team needs quality candidates fast. Explore how job hiring sites can enhance hiring processes for companies of all sizes.

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Hiring practices are advancing with technology and an ever-changing career landscape. Job hiring sites can give you the competitive advantage you need to hire top talent.

While recruiters and company career pages are traditional hiring methods, job hiring sites like ZipRecruiter are becoming a more popular and modern approach -- due to their simplicity, innovative technology and the fact that so many job seekers start their search there.

Job sites streamline the hiring process every step of the way. They save you time and money and give you confidence that you're always getting the best available candidate.

Here are five tips for finding quality employees via job hiring sites.

1. Write a captivating job listing.

Your listing for an open role should inspire job seekers to apply. It could likely be someone's first impression of your company, so you want to make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Aside from fundamental info about the position, be sure to highlight key benefits and what your organization is most proud of. You want to attract candidates who share the same values, so writing a job description that encompasses how this person's contributions add value to a company can make all the difference.

2. Optimize your job description.

Job hiring sites make finding relevant positions easy. Job seekers can filter listings by criteria like experience level, industry, location, etc.

Keep this in mind when writing job descriptions and titles. Try to generalize the language you use throughout rather than using corporate jargon that may be unclear to a job seeker skimming your listing.

3. Leverage premium features.

Investing in premium capabilities that job sites offer brings efficiency to your hiring procedures. ZipRecruiter is a popular job hiring site that uses powerful AI matching technology to discover the most suitable applicants. It finds matches based on the criteria you set and allows you to invite people to apply to your listing.

ZipRecruiter's easy-to-use dashboard lets you manage, rate, and invite your top choices to apply. Not only is it the #1 rated job site in the U.S.1, but 80 percent of employers also receive qualified candidates within the first day of posting their job listing.

4. Build a candidate database.

Timing can be everything when searching for new hires. Just because someone isn't the best fit for a current opening doesn't mean the right opportunity won't come along. Many job sites, like ZipRecruiter, integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems, allowing you to manage the hiring process from recruitment to onboarding. Some job sites also let you build a database of candidates and resumes to pull from. This streamlines hiring by allowing you to reference people who you've already screened or had conversations with.

5. Promote your listing.

Job hiring sites are part of a robust hiring process. Once you have a captivating job description, encourage your current employees to share it with their network. Employee referrals can save you a step since they know if someone would be qualified for a role, or a good culture fit.

Even if a referral isn't precisely what you're looking for now, you can always add them to your resume database and refer to their resume for future openings.

1 Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of December 31, 2020

Entrepreneur Deals

Entrepreneur Deals

Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find useful. 

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