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5 Ways to Increase Your Brand's Visibility Online in Under 30 Days The right marketing message and product or service can create explosive growth and take a brand from zero to a household name.

By Erica McMillan Edited by Amanda Breen

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With so much consumer attention available online, it presents an incredible opportunity for brands to be discovered. While the potential and opportunity are present for anyone to go after, it's not as simple as it may sound. The competition for consumer attention online is at an all-time high. There is only so much available real estate at the top, and the only way you will reach the top Google, social media feeds, etc. is by consistently doing the things that are the most impactful.

There aren't any top-secret methods to crack. There are many basic strategies that continue to produce amazing results, and when combined into one online-marketing strategy, you can experience amazing results in as little as 30 days. Here are five simple tips to help you achieve this.

1. Publish optimized content daily

Every business needs a website, and every website needs a blog. It's the best way to attract organic search traffic, and each published piece of content becomes an asset that over time continues to attract visitors.

When you combine intelligent keyword research targeting low competition search terms and an aggressive strategy of at least one optimized post per day, it leads to noticeable gains in website traffic.

Focus on low-hanging fruit keywords that you can rank for with solid on-page SEO alone. Even if each post only attracts 50 extra visitors per month, over time that number exponentially grows. Also, the traffic will be highly relevant, which converts at a high rate.

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2. Engage on social media

There is so much attention available on social media that you can take advantage of simply by participating in conversations. If your social accounts are active and you have a lot of followers, engage with them in conversations and you'll earn retweets, shares, likes and comments.

When a brand finds a way to connect with its audience organically on social media, the amplification can be greater than one could achieve running a paid campaign. Organic engagement is always more authentic than paid ads and consumers respond differently to an ad than they do to an organic and authentic post.

You can also join existing conversations and topics by searching relevant hashtags and adding value to discussions and topics. You never want to spam be authentic and provide value and watch how much exposure you can earn naturally.

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3. Run a Facebook ads awareness campaign

The cost of running a Facebook ad campaign is rising almost daily. CPCs (cost-per-click) are reaching levels that make it almost impossible for some brands to run profitable campaigns, and not every brand has a budget available to acquire new customers at an initial loss.

To get maximum exposure for your brand, run video ad campaigns that are designed to build brand awareness by setting the campaign goal to impressions. This will get the most eyeballs on your content, and with a creative video, you can deliver your message to the highest number of consumers possible.

4. Launch an influencer-driven affiliate program

Imagine if you had a large group of individuals constantly promoting your brand, and you only had to pay for this promotion when a sale was generated? This is the beauty of an affiliate program, and while many brands have them, they don't present the offer to their audience correctly.

Using an influencer to introduce your affiliate program is not only a great way to attract promoters, but it's also a great way to align your brand with a familiar face, helping to attract attention. It's a win-win strategy.

If you simply say, "Hey, we have an affiliate program. Sign up today!" the response will be dismal at best. But, when an influencer announces it and explains the benefits, the audience will not only listen, but also take action.

Create a community atmosphere among your affiliates and watch your brand's online exposure multiply quickly. Some of the most successful D2C brands have done this and went from unknown to category dominators in a very short period.

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5. Promote a contest on social media

Every brand wants more followers on social media and more organic exposure. One of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish this is by running a contest. Consumers will participate if the prize is desirable and the instructions to enter are simple and spelled out.

Use a prize that is relevant to your product or service. If not, you will attract engagement and followers from industries and demographics that won't convert into purchases down the line. Engagement and followers are great but only if they're relevant.

Make it simple to enter: follow, like, share, tag a few friends. This is the formula that works well, and it can put your brand in front of a large audience. Be sure to announce the winner on your social profiles and tag them. This type of social proof will get more people excited, and your contests will grow in popularity because your audience will see that you follow through and deliver on your promises.

Erica McMillan

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Serial Entrepreneur, Online Visibility Strategist, Artist

Erica McMillan is a 10-time Founder, CEO, Serial Business Entrepreneur, Contemporary Artist, a member of the Forbes Business Council, Publicist, modern-Marketing Brand Consultant, Online Visibility Strategist and founder of the largest invitation-only private media relations network.

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