8 New Year's Business Resolutions That Will Keep You Energized 2021 has been a year of learning opportunities, challenges and successes. Let's get ready to have an energized 2022.

By Brandon Pena

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Congratulations on an amazing year of successes, learning opportunities and improvements for you and your business. It's no easy task running a company, and it can take a toll on you. As the year comes to an end, let's talk about how to keep you energized in the coming year.

Here are eight New Year's business resolutions to help you achieve just that.

1. Get your business processes down on paper

You have an amazing brain, and it holds a lot of the information your business needs in order for it to run smoothly. You need to put all of that information on paper and create documents for your team to know the correct procedures and help you run the company. If you want to start the new year energized, you need to do this. Take some pressure off of yourself and make sure to share the information with your team. It will only benefit the company and the way it runs. This resolution will make it easier to delegate.

2. Learn to delegate and do more of it

Your business is your baby, and I know it must feel like no one knows how to take care of it more than you. I understand that, but if you want your business to grow, you need to start trusting the people on your team to take over certain tasks. Delegating is essential for you to be able to to have time to yourself to think about how to find innovative ways to expand your business. Make sure your team is properly trained to handle whatever you need it to do and trust it to get it done. It takes some pressure off of your shoulders and gives your team a sense of responsibility and ownership.

3. Get up to speed on online-marketing innovation

Keeping up with innovative marketing techniques is essential for the growth of your company. Find out what the new marketing methods are and start implementing them. If for some reason what you see is not something that you think would work for your business, you need to be innovative and have a meeting with your team about marketing strategies that are new and exciting and would help build your business even more.

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4. Develop a performance-management system

Your team is a very important part of your company, and its performance can either help your company or set it back. A performance-management tool is essential for you to have peace of mind when you're not at the office. This tool can encourage your team's commitment to the company goals. You'll also be able to see who needs more training or who is ready for a leadership position, and you can be more objective when deciding on changes in staff and how to compensate your team.

5. Drop what's not working and move on

Gather feedback from your team at every level in your company and from your customers. Listen to their needs and figure out what's working and what is not working within your business. You must get rid of whatever is not working and figure out a way to make it better for the team and the customer. Worrying about old problems and old procedures that just don't make sense within your company anymore is a waste of your time, your team's time and your company's time in general.

6. Try out some new tools

We love to work hard, but let's also work smarter! There are plenty of tools to maximize productivity within your company and to make some tasks easier on your team. Do your research and find out which tools would meet your company needs. It's all about working hard but simplifying the process and making it more efficient. These tools can take a lot of stress off of your team and yourself.

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7. Clean up your place of business

Start the year fresh by cleaning and reorganizing your place of business. A clean office is inviting and helps your team focus. It not only creates a good impression for your customers, but it also revitalizes the energy in the office and helps with productivity. It also reduces the risk of your team getting sick.

8. Give back

The past two years have been really challenging for everyone. So take a moment to appreciate the community that has kept your business afloat through these difficult times and give back to it. Giving back to the humans who support your business is just an easy way to say thank you. Donate your time and money and provide resources for your community to give people access to the help they need. Show them you have their back the same way they've had yours.

If you want to start the new year with energy, give these resolutions a try. Write down your procedures so you can delegate to your team. Listen to feedback, find new tools and new marketing techniques, quantify performance levels, clean up your business and give back to your community. Trust me when I say that these resolutions will allow you to start the new year energized and ready to help your business grow in new and innovative ways. Let's make it happen!

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Brandon Pena

Founder & CEO of 787 Coffee & BrandON Media

Brandon Pena is CEO of 787 Coffee. He is a pioneer in social-media marketing, listed by Forbes as one of "The Next Upstart Entrepreneurs," by Inc Magazine as one of the "Fastest Growing Companies in America" and by Yahoo Finance as one of the "Top 10 Entrepreneurs."

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