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9 Quotes on Entrepreneurship and Growth From Pinterest Co-Founder Ben Silbermann

For some motivation, check out these quotes from the Pinterest entrepreneur.

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Ben Silbermann is the brains behind the highly addictive social media site Pinterest. Born and raised in the Midwest, Ben Silbermann graduated from Yale University in 2003 before working in advertising at Google.

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Silbermann quickly branched off and began designing smartphone apps with his college friend, Paul Sciarra. After their app, Tote, failed, Silberman and Sciarra partnered up with Evan Sharp to eventually launch Pinterest.

With Silbermann as its CEO, Pinterest has gained more than 175 million active users, with more than 50 billion pins and 1 billion Pinterest boards. By way of these numbers, it’s safe to say Pinterest -- and Silberman -- are highly successful.

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To learn more, here are nine quotes from Silberman on entrepreneurship, growth, leadership and more.


On entrepreneurship

“It takes time to figure out how to not go to your job in the morning. All of a sudden you have a lot of time and no structure.” -- Ben Silbermann

On ideas

“If Google teaches you anything, it’s that small ideas can be big.” -- Ben Silbermann

On time

“We just felt like if every day we were getting a little bit closer to something that we would be really proud of, we would never regret the time we’d invested.” -- Ben Silbermann

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On getting started

"Just build things and find out if they work." -- Ben Silbermann

On progress

“I always just want to move along to the next step.” -- Ben Silbermann

On growth

“I think anyone who makes products has this simultaneous joy and, almost, shame looking at it. You look at it all day, and all you can see is all these things you want to make better.” -- Ben Silbermann

On hiring

“I think the thing that I've learned is that really great people, they actually want to work on hard problems.” -- Ben Silbermann

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On success

“There's a lot of pressure to look like the last company that was successful.” -- Ben Silbermann

On leadership

“One of the things I've learned is to be receptive of feedback.” -- Ben Silbermann
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