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10 Inspirational Quotes from Successful Actress-Turned-Entrepreneur Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba isn't just another Hollywood face -- she's also the founder of a billion-dollar business.

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While many only recognize Jessica Alba for her performances in Sin City or Fantastic Four, in the entrepreneurial world Alba’s name goes beyond her role as a Hollywood star.

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Rising to fame as a young actress, Alba saw much success early on. However, it wasn’t until 2015, when Alba co-founded The Honest Company, that she became a prominent name in the business world. What originally began as a beauty line has since grown into a billion-dollar 500-plus-employee business that sells safe and healthy baby, personal care, cleaning products and more.

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It’s safe to say Alba can teach you a thing or two about entrepreneurship and running a successful business.

To learn more, here are 10 inspirational quotes from the actress-turned-entrepreneur. 


On mindset

"My theory is that if you look confident, you can pull off anything -- even if you have no clue what you're doing." -- Jessica Alba

On perfection

"Being perfect is being flawed, accepting it and never letting it make you feel less than your best." -- Jessica Alba

On getting started

"Launching products is easy -- it's building it, finding the right manufacturers, getting the design right and all of the marketing that is hard." -- Jessica Alba

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On motivation

"No matter how different women are, we all seem to share the guilt that we're not doing enough. If anything, I would say that as long as you're doing your best, it's more than enough." -- Jessica Alba

On hard work

"I wish I was more educated, but I make do with the tools I was given in life." -- Jessica Alba

On leadership

“You have to be brutally honest with yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses." -- Jessica Alba

On opportunity

"I believed that there was a real opportunity for my idea, but I had to overcome a lot of self-doubt about establishing and running a business." -- Jessica Alba

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On success

"The only way you can measure your success is by reflecting and seeing what you want out of the experience. And the journey is just as much a part of the success you seek out." -- Jessica Alba

On productivity

"I try my hardest every day, and I find when I go to bed early and wake up early, I feel the most productive." -- Jessica Alba

On entrepreneurship

“You have to be tenacious, you have to be focused, you have to have a real vision and be extremely passionate about it.” -- Jessica Alba