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How Black Entrepreneurs Are Challenging Industry Norms and Finding Powerful Paths to Success In celebration of Black History Month, Entrepreneur contributor Terry Rice hosted a compelling Twitter Spaces conversation featuring Pariss Chandler, Kashmir Thompson and Chrishon Lampley that offered powerful insights for aspiring business leaders.

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In celebration of Black History Month, Entrepreneur contributor Terry Rice hosted a compelling Twitter Spaces conversation featuring dynamic entrepreneurs Pariss Chandler, Kashmir Thompson and Chrishon Lampley. The panel delved into crucial topics ranging from finding passion to challenging industry norms and offered powerful insights for aspiring business leaders.

While they all had unique journeys and experiences to share, one common thread between all of the panelists is the belief that entrepreneurship is about more than just profits—it's about passion, community, and authenticity. In a world often dominated by the bottom line, their insights serve as a refreshing reminder of what it truly means to succeed in business.

Listen to the entire discussion and check out the bios and top takeaways of our dynamic guests below.

Black History Month Speakers

Terry Rice, Entrepreneur contributor and Managing Director of Good People Digital, is known for his passionate advocacy of entrepreneurship. In the discussion, he highlighted how genuine love for one's work fosters fulfillment and propels individuals forward in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Top Takeaway: "Having drive comes with entrepreneurship — it is one of the benefits of actually liking your job. You don't stop moving because you actually enjoy this. You don't feel that same nagging 'I need to take a break from this' many of us experience with our day jobs. When you're an entrepreneur, it is hard work, but you just enjoy doing it so much."

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Pariss Chandler, the influential force behind Black Tech Pipeline, challenges prevailing notions within the tech industry. She debunked the myth of a "pipeline problem" for black technologists and advocated for the power of community and networking in creating opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Top Takeaway: "I had mobilized this community called Black Tech Twitter, which showed that there are black technologists in the industry. We do exist, we are qualified and talented, and there is no 'pipeline problem.' If you don't know, the pipeline problem is this excuse that employers use: There aren't enough black people or people of diverse backgrounds to hire in these industries. It's really a networking problem versus a pipeline problem. When I mobilized this community with a viral tweet, I had a lot of companies DMing me on Twitter. They saw there are black technologists out there to hire. And they started asking me if I would recruit for them."

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Chrishon Lampley, founder of Love Cork Screw, shared her wisdom on the pivotal role of personal relationships in business. She emphasized the value of face-to-face interactions and genuine connections that transcend the digital sphere, drawing from her own experiences in building successful ventures.

Top Takeaway: "Everything's not just an email. You actually have to pick up the phone and call and talk to people. You actually have to go to see an account. I'm in over 3,000 locations right now. I had lost some of those because I wasn't there and present. And when I walked into those stores and bars and talked to those managers or mixologists, we made a human connection that actually put me back in. That's also the reason why I'm sold at airports. Now I'm at Chicago Midway International Airport on 90% of the menus because I talked to somebody. So I just say again, take it back to the old school. Have some human connection and communication. You'll be surprised what you can get."

Kashmir Thompson, artist, creator and founder, infused the conversation with her deep passion for her craft. Kashmir encouraged fellow entrepreneurs to embrace their uniqueness and fearlessly showcase their creativity without fear of judgment or rejection.

Top Takeaway: "One of the main lessons that I've learned and that I'm honestly really still learning today is to just not get so in your head about what you're offering. Just put it out there! There's so much art that I don't release because I don't know how it's going to sell. I don't know if people are gonna be receptive to it. But one thing I try to remember is to just not box myself in. Release the items that I want to release, release the art that I want to release, and know that my audience will find me even when I feel like they won't. And when I feel like my current audience won't like it? I try to remember to just really stay true to myself."

Terry, Pariss, Chrishon, and Kashmir have infused their journeys with passion, purpose, and genuine connections. We hope their powerful words and bold examples have inspired aspiring entrepreneurs to unlock the boundless growth and fulfillment opportunities waiting for them.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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