Build Habits That Change With You And Your Goals Maximize the great habits you formed from The Goal Standard Challenge.

By Andrea Huspeni

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Congrats! You've completed The Goal Standard Challenge! It was a tough five-weeks and sticking to the plan took determination and focus.

We hope it was worth the wait. By now, you've developed a strong work ethic to maintain the goal and are ready to make 2017 your best year yet.

This week was all about fine-tuning your habits and developing a focused routine. We had plenty of experts, worksheets and articles to help.

What we learned:

Revisit and pivot. You've developed great habits but these habits might need to evolve. In a Facebook Live, high-performance coach Todd Herman had us reflect on what we have done these past five weeks and filtered them through something he calls the "Power 5," a process that helps us continually evaluate our choices and make sure we're getting closer to where we want to be. Watch here.

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Making it stick. In a Facebook Live, productivity expert Chris Winfield showed us how to stop procrastinating, conserve energy and lower our reliance on willpower each day. He shared tips including how a routine will help you achieve more, focusing on what will get you the best results and how to rely less on willpower. Watch here

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Celebrate your wins. Achieving big goals is difficult so acknowledge your accomplishments. Author and entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil reviewed what everyone achieved and tips on how to keep doing just this as you move toward your next milestone. Watch here.

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What You're Saying

Thousands of you have joined The Goal Standard Challenge, and we're so proud to be part of your journey. Keep impressing us with your great comments and questions and telling us how you're doing.

Need to Catch up?

Miss something from the past week? Head over to The Goal Standard Challenge hub where we have provided all the worksheets, Facebook Lives and articles for each week.

After the Challenge

The challenge has ended but there's still work to do. We'll check in with you soon with more great tips and lessons. Keep visiting our Facebook group for support from Entrepreneur editors and people just like you.

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