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How to Get Un-Stuck: 10 Key Questions for Self-Reflection

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Do you feel frustrated or stuck, like things aren't moving forward the way you want them to in your ? As entrepreneurs, we often have big goals, and the expectations around our business can sometimes feel strained, especially when things don't work out the way we hoped. Maybe you want more clients, likes, recognition or support. No what your business goal is, it's key to reflect inward and be self-aware.

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I learned in my own journey that my business doesn't work unless I do. The more I take care of myself and use self-reflection tools, the more prosperous my business becomes. It's all connected, and what you put out into the world will be returned. So put out what you want and focus on your goals coming true instead of what is not happening.

In my business coaching programs I ask entrepreneurs, "What message does your business have for you?" They look confused at first, then with deep reflection they often say something like, "Stop trying so hard," "Trust me," or "Relax and have more fun." You see, our businesses are a creative expression of ourselves, and we can start to treat them more like a relationship. They want us, the owners, to relax, to trust them and to have more fun in our own lives.

When we are more joyful, we bring this to our business -- and our clients can feel that. So if you are frustrated with the way your business is going, consider a more playful or joyful approach. Joy is infectious and will lead to more abundance and success.

Anytime I feel paused or at a standstill, I ask myself key questions. Every situation you are in is an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Even if things in your life don't appear to be the way you want, you can align with your heart center and focus forward with and clarity.

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So instead of resisting or trying to power your way through problems, consider a more compassionate approach, and ask yourself these key questions for accelerated personal growth:

1. What message does my business have for me?

2. Where am I settling?

3. How can I add more of my true self into my business?

4. What skills or talents am I not using?

5. Who can I forgive?

6. What missed opportunity can I let go of and move on?

7. What have I been avoiding out of fear?

8. What can I take even in the face of fear?

9. What does my business want that I am not currently giving it?

10. What am I committed to changing?

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