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Build Your Brand With These 5 Sources of Face-to-Face Interaction

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With face-to-face transactions becoming less and less prevalent, entrepreneurs should leverage every chance they get to better understand their business landscape if they want to distinguish themselves from the .


Let's face it. Texting is easier than talking. Emails are easier than calls. However, what neither of these mediums offers is the human component, which is exactly what drives sales. Sure, customers buy your service, but first they buy you -- your personality, values, smile and honesty. People buy from others, repeatedly, who they like and trust, and the service that follows is icing on the cake.

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However, getting to know people isn't as easy as it used to be. More than anything, doing so absorbs valuable time that could otherwise be spent on more important things, such as making , right?

Wrong. Without the customer connection, there is no business. To mitigate this, here are five places to keep the human factor in your business:

1. Events

Business Networking International is the largest business networking organization in the world with more than 170,000 members worldwide. PowerCore is another one, designed to spread business awareness by word of mouth and "to learn about each other's businesses, build credibility and then make introductions."

2. Groups

There's pretty much a group for every interest out there -- even ones you had no idea existed, such as the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and even an Association for Astrological Networking for all you fortune-teller types (I can't make this stuff up).

Meetups are another great source for diversifying your social appetite as they offer a consortium of personal and professional groups.

At the end of the day, there's really no excuse for not finding the right group for your business. The best part is, if the group doesn't exist, incite that entrepreneurial flame and create one!

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3. Chambers of commerce

These are perhaps the most well-known places for business enhancement. Most chambers of commerce host networking events in your city designed to boost awareness about local businesses, ranging from breakfasts to speaking events.

4. Eventbrite

What's better than attending Beerfest or house party beer pong to meet like-minded people to grow your business? Conferences. Aside from feeding the inner party animal within you, Eventbrite offers a consortium of conferences to attend including real estate, women's , health and wellness, jobs summits and business planning. Don't see any events of interest? Create your own. Eventbrite even offers ticketing with QR code scanning, guest lists and a personalized webpage for the event.

5. Business journals

Here you can find seminars on business development. Even more valuable (at least in my humble opinion) are the weekly tips aimed specifically at improving business effectiveness and efficiency.

may be the name of the game, but the human side of business isn't dead yet. People are still social creatures, which means they crave significance and affiliation with others. Leverage your business networking opportunities and diversity your stream -- it's just another way to distinguish yourself from the competition and build your .

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