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Creative Problem-Solving Skills are Critical for Business. That's Where 'Brilliant' Comes In. It offers more than 60 courses in STEM learning fields to help expand your mind and your abilities.

By StackCommerce Edited by Jason Fell

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When you start a business, you're opening yourself up to challenges you never dreamed possible before. And it's a lot more than monitoring inventory and launching marketing and making sure paperwork gets done.

Somewhere along the way, very involved sales or delivery or collections issues will arise. Or you could be faced with the biggest problem an entrepreneur has to solve, a dispute between people.

What do you do?

Well, sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to follow patterns that have worked before. And those solutions can often come from the places you'd least expect. But think about it...doesn't it make sense that the logical, orderly steps to solve a math problem or explain a scientific process can be applied outside those fields too?

Business learning can come from lots of unexpected sources. And with Brilliant, it doesn't hurt to pick up some really useful knowledge along the way.

Brilliant is a new way of thinking about learning.

Brilliant is smart learning for smart people. Smart people have a natural curiosity about the world around them and systems they don't already understand. That need to know plays right into the Brilliant model, offering more than 60 courses in math, science, and computer science, crafted to strengthen your quantitative and analytical skills.

Designed by award-winning teachers and professionals from MIT, Caltech, Microsoft, Google, and more, Brilliant training veers hard away from rote lessons with their often-heavy emphasis on reading and lectures. Brilliant teaches through engagement, presenting new concepts visually and intuitively while solving challenging interactive problems from the start.

These STEM fields are often training areas that can elude young students, but if you're ready to circle back, whether you're looking to refresh the fundamentals of algebra and geometry, learn how to train a neural network, or program a quantum computer, Brilliant will walk you through.

Unlike more formal learning that centers around memorization of facts and figures, Brilliant is more interested in contextualizing knowledge, offering up fun storytelling, short lessons, and thought-provoking puzzles and exercises that let learners really apply the information to real world examples.

Want to understand the physics of motion? Work with virtual pendulum clocks drives the point home. Unclear on algebraic functions? A sequence working with rockets will make it clear. And you'll be surprised how playing a little blackjack can drive home some important points about probability and statistics.

Meanwhile, all this training reinforces principles of critical thinking and problem-solving that can be applied to any walk of life, including your business. Even learning about these unrelated fields opens your mind, perhaps even offering just the right methodology or openness of thought to answer pressing big business questions. Who knows when a supply chain foul-up or a logistics issue can be resolved with something you learned in science class?

Sign up and get Brilliant.

The full collection of training in dozens of intriguing subjects is all available now for visitors to check out at the Brilliant website. Users can sign on and unlock everything with either annual or even monthly subscription offers, starting at less than $12.50 per month – plus, the first 200 to sign up will get 20 percent off a yearly subscription.


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