Here's 3 Reasons Why the Customer Isn't Pulling the Trigger Ego, hierarchy and company politics are common reasons people don't buy when it seems there is no reason they won't.

By Grant Cardone

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Everyone in sales knows the frustration of not closing deals down. There are many possible reasons why someone isn't buying from you. It may seem like there is no reason they haven't purchased yet but, really, you just haven't figured out the reason. There is an objection or some issue that you haven't handled.

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To get the sale, you will have to find what it is that's causing them not to buy. Here are three possibilities to consider:

1. Change of guard.

This has happened to me a hundred times. It's one of the biggest disappointments in sales and the thing I hate about business the most. I had the lead, I was at the top of their list, they were close to making a decision, then sure enough the big company moved our contact to another part of the world. If you're in business and sales and nurture leads over time you'll deal with changing of the guards.

To handle the change in guard, keep your pipeline full and nurture your leads. When your contact moves, follow up with them at their new company. Stay in front of their minds. But you'll be starting over with this new client who is taking over your old contact's place. It's the real world and you'll have to deal with it. Just be prepared to start all over again.

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2. Buy/Sell agreement.

You're all hot to get a deal and everyone is saying yes. it's go go go, but it's not going. There's a buy-sell agreement going on in this company. That's cost me several deals. There was a buy-sell going on while this client of yours was conducting business as normal. The only people who know the sell is going on is the major decision maker. Maybe the CFO is in on it.

The mid-level managers were looking at your product. You don't know why they aren't buying. You've discounted the product, everybody loves it, everybody says green light but it's not happening. Welcome to planet Earth. Just hang in there. Whether it sells or doesn't, be there for them on the other side.

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3. Not the decision maker.

I recently jumped into my sales team's office and said, "Heath, how long have you called this person back?"

He answered, "Every day for the last three weeks." I asked if they were sold on the product, if they need the product and if they have the money to buy. He said yes. I told him, "You don't have the decision maker."

He insisted he had the decision maker but, no, he didn't. The fact that someone says they are the decision maker doesn't mean they are. There are two levels to this.

It could be, first, that he said he's a decision maker, but he's not. He lied to you. He may have a title but he can't actually sign. He can't tell you that he isn't the actual decision maker because his title says otherwise. Ask, "Are you the decision maker?" When they say they are, then ask, "Would there by anybody else involved in the decision other than you?" or "I know a lot of decision makers like to bring other people in on stuff like this, so who else would be involved in making this decision?"

The second possibility is that he's a decision maker who can't make a decision. He could write the check, but he can't make a decision.

Remember that not having the right decision maker causes you to follow-up unnecessarily. There's a phone call that we do in my office where I tell the client, "Sir, there are only two reasons why you won't buy this product right now. Can I share them with you? You either are not the decision maker, or you're scared your people won't use our product. Which one is it?" You'll find out if they are the decision maker or not.

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Grant Cardone

International Sales Expert & $1.78B Real Estate Fund Manager

Grant Cardone is an internationally-renowned speaker on sales, leadership, real-estate investing, entrepreneurship and finance whose five privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $300 million.

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