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How Newsletter Sponsorships Can Maximize Your Marketing As more and more business growth is concentrated online, one must develop reliable "outside the box" marketing strategies to excel and promote their business.

By Parwinder Singh Edited by Dan Bova

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You want to maximize your marketing efforts and be where viewers are as a business. But very few are using the sponsored newsletter to grow their customer leads. Newsletter sponsorships can transform your marketing strategy, allowing your business to reach millions of customers. Add newsletter sponsorships to your marketing arsenal to increase the conversion rates of your campaigns. These ads are already in front of qualified leads interested in your product or service.

What Are Newsletter Sponsorships?

Newsletter sponsorships are paid ads positioned within existing, high-performing email newsletters or lists. This branch of email marketing allows you to get in front of dedicated audiences who trust the source and are more likely to trust specifically sponsored content.

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When marketing, there is a big difference between sponsorship and advertising. Sponsorship allows you to stand apart from other advertisers and find customers in an often-overlooked market. Connecting with verified email newsletters can improve your marketing strategy by reaching millions of qualified candidates in a single newsletter ad or sponsorship. This exclusive distribution of your content lets you share unique content that wouldn't be displayed anywhere else.

Social Media Ads vs. Sponsored Newsletter

Social Media Ads provide you access to billion of users, with specific targeting options from location, interest, buying history, and many more. Still, 70% of the businesses fail with Ads due to new hurdles like the IOS14 update, ad blockers, and many others. It's becoming harder and more expensive than ever to run social media Campaigns.

Newsletter sponsorship will bridge the gap where social media ads fall short. They are more personalized, trustworthy, relevant, and targeted to audiences already interested in a similar niche. Also, Launching a newsletter campaign can help you reach millions of targeted users with just one click.

Simple Steps for Finding a Sponsor in a Newsletter

There are various ways to find newsletters that accept sponsored content, but websites like Paved and Sponsorgap, finding newsletters for sponsored content more accessible than ever before. It's as simple as signing up for one of the marketplaces, choosing your targeted niche, and setting up your budget. Both marketplaces have access to thousands of newsletters ready to accept sponsored content, with a budget as low as $200.

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Another way is to search for "newsletter sponsorship" and your niche. You'll find starting points to help you increase your business's success. But remember, not all newsletters are worth sponsoring. So, be careful to select those that provide a good flow of leads and an acceptable ROI.

What is the Reasonable Cost for Newsletter Sponsorship Campaign?

The cost of a newsletter sponsorship will depend on various factors, such as the type of newsletter and the number of subscribers. There are two ways to price a campaign, flat fee and CPM ( cost per thousand subscribers ).

Flat Fee: Pricing depends on the number of newsletter subscribers and CTR. Commonly, a Flat Fee is used by websites that don't have numerous subscribers, typically between 100k to 1 Million. Depending on those numbers, and targeted audience, your email campaign can cost you between 1500-5000$.

CPM: An advertisement's CPM indicates the amount it costs you to reach 1,000 newsletter subscribers. This can be calculated as:

CPM: (Cost of ad in email send / No. of email subscribers) x 1,000

Newsletter Sponsorship offers usually come with a CPM price, and you should be expecting to pay $10 to $60 CPM.

How to Write a Profitable Newsletter Sponsorship Advertising

A good newsletter sponsorship ad needs a headline, a description, and a call to action.

Headline: Good headlines include a statement of intent, a question for the reader to answer, or an affirmation that resonates with readers. Your headline should not just promote your product or service. It must tell the reader how it will solve their problem. To do this, you want to think about the end solution. Consider a headline such as "How to meditate comfortably," which is probably more effective than the "Meditation App."

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Text: Use emotional triggers to draw readers' attention. This text should match the product. For example, suppose you are a food delivery app. In that case, phrases such as "We are still offering Free Food Delivery" are likely to evoke an emotional response that will spur someone into taking the next step at trial or purchase.

Call to Action: Brands can increase conversions and improve their marketing strategy by focusing on verb phrases that convince people to act. Avoid CTAs such as "Buy now" or "Sign up here." More effective phrases such as "Meditate Now" may also serve as interesting, conversational pieces for readers.

Parwinder Singh

CEO & Founder of InstaEASY LLC

Parwinder Singh, aka ProSingh, is an entrepreneur, writer and social-media manager. Driven by his passion for technology, he takes pride in providing the best growth hacks possible. As a founder of InstaEASY, his skills include website development, ad campaigns and client acquisition.

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