How SaaS Companies Can Boost User Engagement With Video Marketing Increase traffic, engage your audience, build relationships, maximize ROI and enhance customer loyalty.

By Saurabh Kumar

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If you were asked to choose between reading a 1,000-word article and watching a 5-minute video, which would you choose?

Most individuals prefer consuming content that is more engaging and makes use of audio-visual elements. Reading plain text can get boring, but research shows watching videos tends to have the opposite impact. And this is the reason companies have started incorporating engaging videos into their marketing campaigns.

Traditionally, SaaS companies rely on simple marketing practices. They tend to have more copy and fewer images in their advertisements and emails. However, their audience has evolved, and so have their preferences for consuming content. Today, an explainer video for using a SaaS platform is likely to get much more traction than the same process written in plain text.

This is the reason why video marketing is vital for SaaS companies in 2021.

What is video marketing?

In simple words, video marketing is the use of videos in company marketing campaigns. Videos are used throughout the marketing funnel to grab the attention of prospects, persuade them to engage with the company, and keep communicating as they become customers.

Video marketing can be used for many purposes – from building rapport with your customers or promoting your brand to making important announcements and targeting your prospects.

Video marketing and SaaS companies

SaaS companies often provide highly technical offerings and may be considered complicated by the non-technical audience. Video marketing allows companies to get their message across simply and understandably. For example, if you provide a CRM platform to your clients, making an engaging video explaining its features and benefits would help your audiences understand its function better and help you get the desired traction.

SaaS companies can use video marketing to improve their emails, make tutorial videos, spread awareness about their offerings, and promote their brand to capture leads. Quincy Smith, the head of SEO and Content at Ampjar says, "Videos bridge the gap between a demo and an email." Creating a video to explain specific aspects of your SaaS offerings helps you get your message across more clearly and understandably.

Getting started with SaaS video marketing

Here how to get started with SaaS video marketing:

  1. Clearly define your audience
    The first step is always deciding who you are talking to with your marketing efforts. What kind of content do we need? What type of video will speak to this audience? For example, if you are targeting chief technology officers and the core management of an organization, your videos should be highly technical, assuming that the viewers are well-versed in the technologies you use. On the other hand, if you are targeting end-users who may or may not be familiar with your offerings, it is important to explain the basics of your SaaS platform before you get to the details. Also, determining your target audience helps you understand the industries you are targeting and potential customer preferences, both which help you create an ideal video marketing campaign.

  2. Create the videos based on your audience
    Once you've determined the audience, it's time to get creative. Options are endless. You can create videos showing a demo of your offerings, client testimonials, a story of your brand, or any other specific message you want to convey through your campaign. If you are adding a video to your emails, make sure it is in sync with the body and intent of the email. Pro-tip: If you are just getting started and don't have a video budget, you can film videos on your phone.

  3. Determine the best platform to broadcast and share your videos
    Depending on the purpose of the video and your target audience, there are several digital platforms to showcase your videos. The most common is your website. Instead of a text-heavy website, insert explainer videos so people can watch instead of read. If you get leads from the videos, send them follow-up videos via personalized emails.

Benefits of SaaS video marketing

  1. High retention of information
    Compared to reading plain text, your target audience is more likely to retain the information consumed and messages conveyed through video marketing. This allows you to build a lasting image of your brand in the minds of your customers, making them remember your offerings.

  2. Better connect with the audience
    Video marketing allows you to convey the essence of your brand based on your customers' needs. Video keeps your customers engaged and persuades leads to engage with your brand.

  3. Getting traction across platforms
    Through video marketing, you can get a decent number of backlinks to your website/blogs, more footfall on your site, and more likes on social media. In the age of digitization and social media, engaging videos are likely to get shared by a larger audience, providing you with an ample amount of traction.

  4. Improved email marketing
    If you add videos to your emails, they are more likely to be opened — and watched — than plain text emails. People are always more likely to check videos out even if they are not too interested in purchasing. If your videos are engaging enough, you can end up converting a lead that would otherwise have been lost.

  5. Simplifying complicated aspects
    As mentioned earlier, SaaS companies often deal with technologies, tools, and platforms that are difficult to understand for a large section of society. With the help of engaging videos, you can simplify the complicated aspects of your offerings and help your audience understand the platform/technology better.

Important considerations for SaaS video marketing

Here are some of the most important aspects to consider in order to create an ideal video marketing campaign:

  1. Allocation of resources
    Always be vigilant in allocating the right resources for your video marketing campaign. Make sure you allocate a decent amount of funds from your budget to get shooting equipment, editing software, and talent for creating your videos. This will help you determine an ideal ROI and help you work towards the same.

  2. Give preference to telling stories
    No matter the audience you are targeting, always tell a story through your videos. Your prospects and customers are more likely to relate to your messages and respond to your calls-to-action if they are told a story in an engaging manner.

  3. Focus on creativity
    Simply making a video is never enough to pull your audience towards your brand. It is essential to focus on creativity while making videos for your marketing campaigns. Look at what your competitors are doing and try to stand out from the clutter by getting your messages across in the most innovative way possible.

  4. Focus on length
    Keep your videos short and sweet. While people prefer watching videos instead of reading plain text, their attention spans are short. You'll lose them with long videos. Be brief and straightforward.

  5. Thorough analysis
    Once you have prepared the videos and the campaign is live, your work has just begun. It is crucial to analyze the impact of your videos and the traction you receive. Analyze the ROI received by your campaign and the areas that did not work. Try to remediate the shortcomings to make your next campaign more powerful. Keep tracking the metrics and stats for a real-time analysis of your video marketing campaign.

The final word

As videos become increasingly popular across different digital platforms, video marketing can help SaaS companies boost their engagements and obtain the traction they desire. Understand your audience and cater to them by creating videos according to their preferences.

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Saurabh Kumar

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor

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Saurabh is CEO at Rezolve.AI where he working to leverage AI to reimagine the first level of employee support. Prior to launching he was running a digital strategy and consulting firm Negative Friction. He has worked in various senior roles in the banking and healthcare industry.

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