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How This Company Is Improving Corporate Team-Building, One Smile at a Time

We explore Feet First EVENTertainment's team-building techniques, as well as NewFronts, an event that featured digital video series Business & Burgers.

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Being an takes a lot of work, and strength to pick yourself back up after failure. We get to hear a from a gentleman who started out as a DJ with his brother, then realized that the two liked to make people smile. Kevin Couliter of Feet First EVENTertainment is here to talk about his company and the team-building corporate events that it creates and hosts. Then a quick chat with about a recent event called NewFronts. We end the hour with Entrepreneur's editor-in-chief, , who tells us a bit about the Network. Discover inspiration with us now.

Scott Duffy
  • [00:00:00] Find Your Internal Drive, Unite Your Team
  • [00:05:15] From Party DJs to Corporate Event Gurus
  • [00:11:30] Improve Corporate One Smile at a Time
  • [00:18:20] & Burgers Presents at 2017 NewFronts
  • [00:27:07] The Hero's Journey: An Entrepreneurial Story
  • [00:33:21] Reach Your Ideal Market With Savvy Partnerships

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[00:00:00] Find Your Internal Drive, Unite Your Team

The journey to entrepreneurialism often has a common starting point; entrepreneurs simply don't want to work for someone else -- even if it means endless hours of hard work. This sentiment rang true for brothers Kevin and Dave Cloutier who co-founded Feet First EVENTertainment, an experience-based event service ideal for corporate team-building. If you're seeking a new way to unite employees for a happy and connected company culture, it's time to jump in "feet first"!

[00:05:15] From Party DJs to Corporate Event Gurus

Kevin Cloutier and his brother Dave have been in business together for a long time. In the beginning, the brothers earned seed money by pounding the pavement on their paper route. Then, they turned the volume up, keeping parties hopping as charismatic DJs. One such party got the Cloutiers an invite to work on television game shows, and soon they discovered their true passion. After realizing they had a knack for creating great team-building games, Feet First EVENTertainment was born. Now, they work with many corporations who want to give their employees an event full of and activities. Through their success, they have also become part of a new program called Waterworks, a program gives corporations the opportunity to give back by contributing to the build of water filtration systems around the world.

[00:11:30] Improve Corporate Culture One Smile at a Time

When it comes to deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, your passion really should be at the core of it all. Co-Founder of Feet First EVENTertainment Kevin Cloutier tells us the main reason he got into the corporate events business was quite simple: He loves making people smile. Feet First EVENTertainment goes beyond hum-drum team-building exercises by providing engaging indoor/outdoor experiences ranging from "Survivor Games" to "American (or Your Company) Idol." Its goal is to separate employees from the daily grind, giving them the opportunity to have fun and laugh with co-workers. It's quite fitting that the company has adopted the famous Plato quote, "You can learn more about a person in an hour's worth of play than in an entire year of conversation," as its official slogan.

[00:18:20] Business & Burgers Presents at 2017 NewFronts

Every May, top television networks proudly showcase their planned programming during "Upfronts" in an effort to hook advertisers for the upcoming television season. With an impressive stage presentation packed with stars, their goal is to sell 70 percent to 80 percent of their up front (hence the name). As internet streaming becomes an increasingly relevant way to consume content, the event has evolved accordingly. Business & Burgers host Scott Duffy informs us that NewFronts is where advertisers are competing to claim their space in hot digital media content. Duffy and Taylor were elated to take part in the 2017 NewFronts and give us a sneak peek at their presentation featuring Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, Julie Cottineau. Find out how Cottineau inspired onlookers to add their unique twist to their next marketing campaign.

[00:27:07] The Hero's Journey: An Entrepreneurial Story

Life is messy and running your own business is no different. From the start-up phase scramble to fully operational company, the journey is tough and forges tenacious leaders who are experts at problem solving. Through an abundantly diverse network, Entrepreneur strives to make an impact on business go-getters by sharing real stories brimming with struggle and success. Entrepreneur magazine Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer tells us how he hand-selects stories featuring a "hero's journey" to inspire the masses.

[00:33:21] Reach Your Ideal Market With Savvy Partnerships

No man is an island. A successful business should partner with other leading companies for a better chance at reaching their . In this spirit, Feifer shares the vast array of touchpoints where business leaders can find Entrepreneur's content in the new media landscape including innovative video series, a growing podcast network, epic live events and of course, Entrepreneur magazine. Find the right outlet for you and get inspired to tackle head on.

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