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How to Amp up Your Videos and Podcasts with New Beats

Beatopia gives you exclusive access to beats from A-list producers.

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New media has changed the way entrepreneurs and small businesses attempt to reach and engage customers. Today, marketers are more creative than ever and creating more content than ever to try to reel in potential customers. It's hard to stand out.


As video marketing and podcasting become more viable marketing mediums, they also become more crowded. You need to find ways to both make an impression on audiences and save time. One way to do both is through music and sound. A great beat to introduce your podcast or a classic jingle on your videos can go a long way to creating trust and familiarity with consumers. And you don't have to hire an audio producer when you have Beatopia.

Beatopia is one of the world's best and most exclusive beat browsers. This service gives you access to exclusive tracks that are hand-picked and mastered by experts. You'll be able to discover exclusive beats from A-list producers that you can't find anywhere else, with the full stem tracks provided. You can even edit beats to sound perfect for you and your brand. There are beats in a wide range of genres, including R&B, hip hop, future pop, reggaeton, afrobeat, and more.

Beatopia's standard license gives you unlimited rights to add lyrics and release to any platform of your choosing without worrying about any legal consequences. It's the opportunity to truly make any sound your own and tailor it to your business messaging, across all of your digital marketing mediums.

Add a unique sound to your brand story. Right now, you can get a one-year subscription to Beatopia for 26 percent off $135 at just $99 — the best price you'll find on the internet. Extend to three years for 51 percent off $405 at just $199, or five years for 55 percent off $675 at just $299.

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