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How to Maximize Your Success on Clubhouse Audio-only apps are relatively new, but they're worth the investment of time.

By Ramon Ray Edited by Amanda Breen

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Clubhouse launched in early 2020, right when "shelter in place" laws were taking effect. Some months later, other audio-only apps launched as well.

I remember when "everyone" hadn't heard about Facebook. But now everyone knows about it. Clubhouse is going through a similar evolution.

Just about every marketer and influencer has heard about Clubhouse, and many are using it or at least have accounts.

Many business owners have also heard about it, but they aren't sure if it's for them. They're still trying to figure out Facebook.

What's special about audio-only apps?

Audio apps are special. You're hearing the person in real time. You can get to know him or her much better than you could via a tweet or polished video. Audio apps, like Clubhouse, don't let you hide.

When someone is speaking, you hear his or her voice, energy (or lack thereof) and get to know, over time, that person's story and expertise.

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Yes, there are many influencers who have mega followings. However, on Clubhouse, and other audio apps, anyone can start a room or Club. Everyone has a voice. If you put in the effort, your reach, influence and community will grow. Very quickly, people will either want to hear more from you or want less of you.

Your audience will grow accordingly.

Maybe you want to talk about cars with other car enthusiasts. Great. Maybe you want to talk about Gospel music with other like-minded folks.

Here's what I've learned over the past few months of using the app:

  • Identify active clubs. On Clubhouse, there are "clubs," collections of members who host their own rooms in that club. Find large, active clubs and get involved.
  • Understand the room. Take the time to understand the vibe of the room.
  • Don't self-promote.
  • Add value. Contribute your knowledge, insight and real-world experience.
  • Be brief. When you're given a chance to get on "stage" and speak, get to the point.
  • Seek to shine the light on others. When it's your turn to speak, acknowledge the previous speaker's comments.
  • Connect with speakers offline. Follow and engage with them on Instagram, LinkedIn and other apps.
  • Show up regularly. Showing up once is not enough. The more you show up, the more you'll be seen.
  • Be responsive. As people compliment you (or critique you), respond, say thank you and be engaging.
  • Mute yourself. There's nothing more annoying than a newbie user who's making noise because of an unmuted microphone.
  • Bring others with you. If you're in the room and getting value from it, tell your network to join you.

I've been on Clubhouse for about eight months. At first, I was excited about it, then I wasn't. Then, I got excited about it again and have seen it grow my personal brand.

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Personal branding is such an important part of the success of coaches, consultants, speakers and authors. In order to build your personal brand, you have to build a community of fans. You can then nurture them to buy from you.

Clubhouse is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals who you can learn from or add value to while building your brand.

Unlike on other platforms, you can't "schedule content." Clubhouse works only if you're present, so it does take time to get the most out of it.

Yes, audio apps are yet another "channel" to use. Consider these a "tool" in your toolbox. Use the ones that work best for you.

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Ramon Ray

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor

Founder, ZoneofGenius.com

Ramon Ray is unapologetically positive and the founder of www.ZoneofGenius.com; 5x serial entrepreneur; and 3 companies. Ramon is an in-demand motivational speaker and small business success influencer and event host. He's written 5 books, including, "Celebrity CEO" (about personal branding).

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