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How to Shift Your Attitude at Work, on Even the Worst Days

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Have you ever woken up, hit the snooze three times and crawled to wherever you make your morning coffee wondering if it's even worth it to go to work today? We all have "those days," but learning to not be "that guy" is a faith-at-work necessity.


Just because you believe in God and want to make an impact in the world around you doesn't mean you won't have bad days. But a faith-at-work lifestyle requires the ability to shift quickly.

I recently read some studies on how a gazelle can shift directions and not lose momentum. They zig zag and confuse their predators. If you feel like the enemy is pummeling your mind and your witness is waining in the workplace, these three tips can help immensely.

1. Admit that you started your day off weak, but intentionally seek to step up.

When we have a bad day sometimes the of trying to act like it never happened makes things more stressful. It's not a bad thing to admit to a few coworkers that your morning started in hell but you want to live your day in heaven. The ability to be real and relate with your coworkers is a powerful example and one people will respect. Playing a role and pretending doesn't help anyone. Take the pressure off. Be real and then go take on the day powerfully.

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2. Go to bed earlier for a powerful morning.

Staying out late on a workday and having a glass of wine with a friend is a great opportunity for friendship and relaxation. But keep your boundaries healthy and start planning your workday the night before. Get to bed before midnight and your morning won't be so chaotic. Sounds simple but the fact remains that a lot of people in the workplace are exhausted. It's impossible to stay powerful when we're drained. Mom had a great idea when she set out your clothes before school at night. Get to bed earlier and plan your evenings with a powerful morning in mind.

3. Make your focus someone else.

It's easy to become completely engrossed in our own lives, especially during a busy workday. But if we make a conscious effort to be encouraging to one new person everyday, the simple habit of getting our eyes off of ourself, and our stresses, can bring clarity and rejuvenation. We never know what a fellow coworker might be going through if we don't take the time to get to know him. Rather than having a reputation for being "that guy or gal" no one wants to be around, why not be that guy or gal everyone can't wait to see by buying an extra latte every morning at your favorite coffee shop and randomly give it away to a new person.

Living intentionally and powerfully is a faith-at-work lifestyle. We show what we believe and who we believe in by our attitudes at work. All of us have bad days (or get really irritated at times!) but it doesn't have to ruin our witness or our goal of making an impact and learning to #BEMORE

Faith works, at work! Learn to shift!

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