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Never Get Discouraged Because Customers Will Buy

If customers aren't going for your deal, it's time to offer a better deal.

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As we come to the end of another year, it's a mixed time for entrepreneurs. Some are finishing strong from a tremendous year of growth and opportunity. Others are taking their foot off the petal because this year didn't go as planned. There's also another group that is stagnant because they've bought into common chatter.

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There is a statement and belief in the space that's been passed around like an urban legend. This belief has been internalized and it keeps entrepreneurs from taking the kind of action that leads to a strong end of the year. It's a self-limiting belief that has the potential to keep you stuck in place.

The belief is a version of this statement: "Customers don't spend money on products and services this time of year. They're spending their money on Christmas gifts."

Customers are buying.

Yes. This is a time of year when customers are buying gifts, lights, trees, and all things Christmas. Yes. Budgets might be tighter as shopping carts are loaded with toys and gadgets. But, a lot of money is still being spent on coaches, courses, products, and services. There's a large group of entrepreneurs and businesses that are capitalizing on the $131 billion dollars that is being spent on e-commerce this year according to Statista.

Customers do spend money this time of year but with they are investing with entrepreneurs that show them WHY they should spend buy their products and services. They're spending with the entrepreneurs and businesses that are demonstrating value. They responding to offers from entrepreneurs that have a and are executing it.

Have a plan.

What's true for another entrepreneur doesn't have to be true for you. This time of year could be the best months you've ever experienced in your . You get to decide. You get to take action based off of what you believe to be possible for your business. There's a lot of opportunities out if you're willing to go after them and you have a plan.

Businesses that run based off of trends and what an entrepreneur feels at the moment don't withstand the hardships of . You need a growth plan, a well thought out marketing plan, and a promotions plan. You should know what you'll offer this time of year based off of data from what your audience is most likely to invest in right now.

Right now, you can map out this month and how you'll start the New Year strong. You can look at what your business offers and outline how you'll market a particular product or service. You can set revenue goals that push you to challenge yourself. You can motivate yourself to do things that grow your business.

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Add more value.

The path to more sales and revenue starts by adding more value to your audience and potential customers. You put out practical content that helps their lives and demonstrates the expertise your business provides. They may not buy right away, but they will at some point if they're getting value. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar business, you can still add value through content.

Buying starts online these days. There are many ways to add value online. You can utilize a company blog, podcast, channel, and produce content on . You create content regularly and build your following. This is lead-generation 101. Add value and promote your offers.

This doesn't have to be the time of year your business shuts down. You can create passive income this time of year and add revenue streams. Have a plan for how you'll finish strong. Continue to educate and add value to your audience and potential customers. Don't believe any self-limiting beliefs.

We live in a great time in which a lot is possible for those entrepreneurs that are willing to take action and learn from every experience. Determine in your mind to be that entrepreneur and back up that decision with action.

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