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The Top 10 Cushiest Places to Work

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Does your office provide free coffee and snacks? Maybe a catered lunch every Friday? While perks of this sort are always admirable, they pale in comparison to the over-the-top perks offered by some companies.

Job-reviews site Glassdoor released its annual report today of the 20 U.S. companies with the best benefits and perks. Welcome to the big leagues, where companies are looking beyond typical freebies like food and on-site fitness classes.

At Google, for example, when an employee dies, the surviving spouse gets 50 percent of his or her salary for the next 10 years. Meanwhile, Facebook gives employees who have a newborn $4,000 in baby cash, Walt Disney covers the cost of admission at all its parks for workers and their friends and family, and Accenture pays for gender reassignment surgery for employees.

And these companies didn’t even make it into the top 10.

To find out what a business needs to offer to make it there -- in addition to vastly important but run-of-the-mill benefits like health care, vacation and 401(k) plans -- check out the list below.


10. Twilio

The cloud communications company welcomes new employees with a Kindle, plus $30 a month to purchase books.


9. Burton

The snowboard manufacturer gives it workers season ski passes, which they can use on their “snow days,” which are awarded after a big snowfall.


8. Pinterest

New parents at the image-based social network get three paid months off, a month of part-time hours and two counseling sessions so they can create a plan to balance work and home life after they return full-time.


7. PwC

Every year an employee works at the professional services network, they are eligible for a $1,200 stipend that goes to paying off his or her student loan.


6. Airbnb

Employees receive an annual budget of $2,000 to travel and stay at Airbnb listings around the world.  

World Wildlife Fund

5. World Wildlife Fund

If you work at the wildlife nonprofit, count on taking every other Friday off.


4. Spotify

New parents at the digital streaming service get six months in paid parental leave. Spotify also pays for employees to freeze their eggs, along with other fertility assistance measures.


3. Salesforce

The cloud computing company gives its workers six days of paid time off, in which they are encouraged to volunteer. In addition, employees get an annual $1,000 to donate to their chosen charity.


2. REI

The outdoor retailer gives its employees two paid days off per year to go do something outside.


1. Netflix

Out of all cushy parental policies, Netflix’s is the cushiest. The video streaming offers a full year in both maternity and paternity leave.

Burton Snowboards | Facebook

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