Tips to Create a Traffic-Generating Blog There are common rules that apply to increase the impact and resonate with your audience.

By Bhavik Sarkhedi

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The essence of a blog is that it caters to a definite fan base or customer base. The prime advantage here is that everyone reading it, already harbors a soft spot for your cause. Blogs have ever since been a medium of conversation between a blogger and his readers. The person reveals and narrates intricate experiences of life and lets his audience connect to those instances. The language is different from general content writing norms. And the most important element in harnessing relatability is within the write up. It should be engaging to the point that the reader is glued to it until the last syllable.

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There are various kinds of blogs and each follows a distinct pattern of writing. For example, an educational and academic blog would focus on information. It would be presented in a crisp and direct manner. This is so that the student reading it does not have to swim through the pool of ordeal and comprehension to unravel the content. On the other hand, if a writer is focusing on travelogues or anecdotal content then it is important that they cater to the primitive tools of story-telling and setting build-ups along with the gradual progression of the plot. Nonetheless, there are some common rules that apply to both forms of writing that contribute to a better blogpost.

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Decide on an engaging title

The title of each blog is its identity, the chief element of the blog that first meets the reader. Therefore, it is important that the title must be catchy. It is not necessary that it be a flamboyant syllable or a foreign phrase. It should be crisp and must have a ring to it. It must make the reader think and wonder what it could be and here lies the second trick to name a blog. The title should balance on the tip of too much and not enough. So the reader would feel that they know but simply can't figure it out. This instinct is targeted by masterminds of marketing as they manipulate the psyche of the reader, and in their case the client or customer.

Open with a bang for an introduction

The calliout is here and it demands the most exquisite English. If you are aware of the expression that the first impression is the last impression, you will understand the efficiency of the introduction. It is necessary to connect with the reader of the blog in this segment. The reader can then gradually progress down the narrative, building on that introduction. The realization of putting extra effort in the introduction is the mark of a mature writer who values the reader.

Aim the content towards a prospective target audience

Each blog must have a topic and also must host a target audience. Having full knowledge of the target audience is very important for framing the content. Directing the content to a particular set of people helps provide an idea of what language to use. Also, what kind of information to introduce and to what extent it should be explained. The content must also have a definite path, which is difficult to address without a target audience. Having addressed each of these elements, the writer can plan out his entire blog accordingly.

To inform and not to boast

It is important to maintain an unbiased voice. No matter how much either side influences you. At no instance should it feel like the writer is boasting of his work and knowledge. On the contrary, it must feel like the writer is taking the reader on a journey with his words. The reader should be adequately informed, and at the same time, they would also develop their own perspective on the words they read. This information would be well received by the reader, allowing them to form their own opinion throughout the entire blog.

Search optimization

It is important that your blog utilizes SEO tweaks and tricks. It is advisable to follow the norms of incorporating keywords to rank the content higher on search results. This effort will lead to a better reach among readers. Their searches will lead to more accurate results, which in turn will incur better response to content as they themselves have requested it. Mastering this very practice will turn the writer into a formidable presence, and eliminate the need to check the document for SEO alignment.

Call to action

A blog addresses an already loyal audience who are interested in being part of an organization or a cause. Therefore, the writer should include a call to action urging the reader to act on an issue as the goal is to have all the readers react in unison. However, the writer must maintain strict supervision so that the strategy is successful.

Above are the keys to writing a successful blog. But also keep in mind that the most important element, and one not to forget, is the soul of a writer. The primary objective is to connect with the reader and the soul is necessary for that feat to be achieved. Make sure that the content is crisp and concise, as it is most important to ensure the blog is informative and stands tall on its reputation. The worst sin is letting down the reader. For a blogger, that is equivalent to the sin of losing innocence.

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Bhavik Sarkhedi

CEO of Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, Bloggism and Kalam Kagaz

Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of content-writing agency Write Right, which serves personalized content to over 1,500 clients across the globe. He is also the founder of Estorytellers, Taletel, Bloggism and KalamKagaz.  He has penned seven books on content writing, personal branding and digital marketing, including How to Start Your Own Content Writing Agency and How to Become A Digital Marketing Consultant.

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