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Why Niche Targeted Landing Pages Are So Valuable What makes these specific, targeted landing pages so effective? And what are the best ways to use them in your business?

By Timothy Carter

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Almost every modern business now has a website. But for most businesses, a website is just a static tool, meant to provide general information to a general audience. This can work well, especially if adequately supported with a smart marketing and advertising strategy. But if you want to see even better results, I recommend using niche targeted landing pages.

What makes these specific, targeted landing pages so effective? And what are the best ways to use them in your business?

The strategy

Most landing pages are created with one goal in mind: conversion. The idea is to funnel some of your traffic to a specific page. Often it exists separately from your main website, so you can appeal to those audience members with specific content, including written body content, images and videos.

Niche targeted landing pages aren't meant for a general audience. Instead, they are meant for one specific audience. You'll be appealing to one group of people, based on their measurable demographics and where they originated. For example, you'll need to create very different landing pages for young women from Twitter and older men from your email marketing newsletters.

If utilized properly, you can use these landing pages to provide compelling information to each of your audience segments and stand a much higher likelihood of converting them.

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Why are niche landing pages so valuable?

Why do I stand behind this strategy so much?

  • Flexible utility: You can use niche landing pages in conjunction with a variety of different marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ad management, social media marketing and more. You can create them in a matter of minutes and destroy them if they're no longer working. You can load them up with almost any type of content you can imagine, and change that content on the fly. Because of this, niche landing pages are some of the most flexible elements of your overall marketing strategy, and they're useful for a wide variety of different goals.
  • Specific targeting: Landing pages are highly effective because they are specifically targeted. These days, generic content doesn't work. If you want to stand apart from your competition and have meaningful engagements with your audience, you need to achieve relevance. You're only going to be relevant if you're providing specific information for your specific target audience.
  • Limited competition: You can also benefit from using landing pages because you're usually going to face limited competition. Even if your business is in a highly competitive environment, landing pages can be a tool for you to evade traditional competition. You can make a unique claim or appeal to a specific audience segment to avoid competitive woes.
  • Domain control: Domains are a powerful marketing tool, and you can use them perfectly with your landing pages. You'll have the option to set up landing pages within your main site, but you can also create landing pages under specific domains. Choose a relevant and powerful domain, and the effectiveness of your landing page will multiply immediately.
  • Possibilities for experimentation: One reason I love niche landing pages is that they offer unlimited possibilities for experimentation. You can change individual variables quickly and measure how user behavior changes in response. You can compare different landing pages against each other. You can also analyze progress over time, witnessing how your audience's characteristics evolve.
  • Audience funneling: Landing pages don't have to be the end destination. If you're trying to get more people to your main website, each landing page can serve as a node in an overall funnel.

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Tips for making the most of targeted landing pages

Creating the perfect landing page is something worthy of further exploration. For now, I just wanted to give you some of my best tips for making the most of niche targeted landing pages:

  • Get specific: General landing pages might have worked in the past. But if you want to maximize your chances of success today, you need to get specific. The more specific your audience targeting is, the better. This will not only limit your competition but also increase your relevance.
  • Cater to your audience perfectly: If you want your landing pages to work, you need to make sure they're perfectly catered to your target audience. Do your research to learn how your target audience thinks, what their values are and how they might perceive your content.
  • Track user behavior: Pay close attention to onsite user behavior. How much time are people spending reading your content? Which links do they click? Which videos do they watch? How often do they convert? The more you understand about how people engage with your material, the better you'll be able to update it in the future.
  • Take advantage of experiments: In line with this, take advantage of experiments. Don't allow your landing pages to remain static forever. Instead, slip in new headlines, new structures and other types of new content to see how it affects user behavior. Data is a prerequisite tool for ongoing improvement.

You may not be successful with the first landing page you create for your brand, but try not to sweat it. Niche landing pages are at their best when they are flexible, adaptable and experimented with. So keep tinkering with your drafts until you find a set of variables that work.

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Timothy Carter

Chief Revenue Officer of

Timothy Carter is the CRO of the Seattle digital marketing agency He has spent more than 20 years in the world of SEO & digital marketing leading, building & scaling sales operations, helping companies increase revenue efficiency and driving growth from websites and sales teams.

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