3 Ways Great Leaders Have Evolved in the Wake of Covid-19

How leaders are recognizing this opportunity to open an entirely new trajectory in business.

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By Kelly Wing

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Starting March 11, 2020, when the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global pandemic, we quickly experienced a flurry of events thereafter, witnessing drastic changes not only take place on a worldwide scale but also in our own personal lives at home and in business as we had to adapt quickly to the "new normal".

As we conformed to the new rules and retreated to the safety of our homes, it gave entrepreneurs a chance to sit with their own stark reality of what they'd created up until that point - what was working, what wasn't working, what our strengths are. Suddenly unable to escape the truth with nowhere to run, for some, this was a confronting yet powerful opportunity in opening up an entirely new trajectory in business and impact, in a much more future-focused way.

1. Greater levels of clarity and purpose

There are people who choose to react to situations around them, and those who seek to observe and understand. Those who chose to observe and understand in recent circumstances have found that they have unlocked greater levels of clarity, wisdom, and purpose. It is not uncommon to see business owners this year going through a complete rebrand and restructure as their belief and value systems go through a complete upgrade to realign with the new world.

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It is also becoming increasingly clear as to what is no longer functioning in the world in ways that are beneficial to humanity. It has become clear which industries need to be reshaped and rewritten in a way that is going to serve humanity in this next shift. It has become clear how we can individually do our part in making the world and internet a more humane place with what we know. Our unique gifts have stood out more than ever, with many finding and tapping into their zone of genius. This happens when we remove ourselves from all the external noise that had us dazed and confused for so long.

2. Being future-focused with technological advancements in mind

It's now important for us to pay attention to how we can fit within the advancements of technology so we can thrive instead of simply survive.

There are certain things in the world we can resist and fight with all of our will, but technology is not one of them, especially considering how much we have fueled and used these advancements over the past decade. As long as we have a deep understanding of who we are on an inner-being level, we can integrate technology with business and our personal lives in a way that doesn't jeopardize our mental and emotional well-being.

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According to the World Economic Forum, we are now in our fourth industrial revolution. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, electric cars, and the scope of the internet is merging with the physical bodies and lives of humanity. We have seen this take place over the last decade, with fingerprint sensors, face recognition, and voice-activated assistants, all of which is data used to bring about the next phase of advancements and upgrades.

3. Business owners are adopting fresh new tactics

Many business owners are now deciding to build their own platforms to hold their communities and for educational purposes. With text-messaging platforms on the rise, we're now seeing a rise in social messaging and closer one-to-one connections and customer relationships rather than a one-to-many connection like we've seen with social media over the past decade and a half.

With many people in recent times taking extended breaks from social platforms, we can expect to see new advancements in ways that will support the needs of both the consumers changing needs, as well as entrepreneurs.

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Given that the most important part in creating success in business is tapping further and further into your zone of genius, this period has been a huge chance for many entrepreneurs to awaken to their gifts and talents, in ways they had never been aware of before. What we are now witnessing is all of the pieces of the puzzle come into play, with different entrepreneurs doing their individual part in creating a more stable, healthier and robust world, in ways that are all different to each other, but together cohesively as part of the bigger picture.

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