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4 Podcasts That Will Help Boost Your Self-Confidence These inspiring confidence-building podcasts should be on every entrepreneur's playlist.

By Sarah Pendrick

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Do you wake up every day with an incredible vision for your life, but feel like it is just out of reach? This is something I have heard so often and I want you to know, it doesn't have to be this way!

As a serial entrepreneur and international speaker, I have the honor to work with thousands of women around the world. And the more people I meet, the more I find that what often holds someone back from sharing their gifts and growing a business is the ability to believe in one's self-worth and to be confident in what they offer.

Self-care and personal development are a daily practice, and part of that is believing in your self-worth. It takes time and energy, so hang in there! And know that you are not alone. There are many resources that can help you during tough times. When I am in need of some business sales advice, uplifting words or a sense of connection, I find that podcasts can be such an empowering source.

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I reached out to four podcast hosts who are experts in career clarity, business, and self-worth and asked them to share their insights on what has led them to success in sales and confidence in their offer. I find the words from these women are a constant inspiration and example that s no matter what your past experiences or failures have been, there is a great value to be found within them.

If you are ever seeking connection, motivation or wisdom, turn to these podcasts for a confidence boost in yourself and your business. Each of these podcasts has something unique and different to offer. So find what you connect with, and always remember, there is no single way to be a success. I firmly hold that what you believe, you become. So be confident and believe you are your highest vision!

1. Mommy Millionaire Podcast with Cayla Craft

Podcast's mission: "Bring you inspiring stories, business and mindset tips to help you be shameless in pursuing your ambitions."

Confidence-building daily practice: "Do mirror work. I start my day off by looking myself in the eyes and saying, 'I love you, Cayla.'"

Use past experiences to empower your future: "I was raised by a single mom and my dad is a drug addict. I remember being 10 years old and visiting my dad in jail, looking around at all these other families that were there visiting their dads, too, and making a decision to be the exact opposite of who my dad was. I said, 'I am going to be a person that helps those people create victory in their life.' Right then and there I became a helper of people."

Authentic sales practice: "If you are not confident in what you're selling, sell something else. If you're not confident in yourself, do something to make yourself proud. You become confident by doing the thing you said you were going to do and enrolling yourself in all the reasons why your dreams will come true instead of why they won't."

Listen to episodes here

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2. You Turn Podcast w/ Ashley Stahl

Podcast's mission: "Spark inspiration to upgrade your confidence in work, love, and life. Ashley is a counterterrorism professional turned career coach, and forthcoming author, who uses her experiences and humor to spark thought-provoking conversations to uplevel your life."

Confidence-building daily practice: "I write in my journal. It helps me realize what thoughts are on my mind, which is so important for my own awareness and growth."

Use past experiences to empower your future: "I started a company when I was 26 and ended up making millions on the internet, shortly followed by a period of poor business decisions that translated into me losing every penny. It was painful, but I am so grateful for everything I learned during that time. And while I wouldn't wish the experience upon everyone, I certainly would wish upon them the lessons I got to learn. I wouldn't change a thing about the experience."

Authentic sales practice: "If you don't believe in your product, stop selling it. In order to live a fulfilling life, you need to pay attention to yourself. That means noticing when you're expanding and excited or inspiring -- and when you're contracting, bored or drained. By noticing how your body and mind respond to your environment, you will learn the most about yourself and you can harness that into a career that lights you up."

Listen to episodes here

3. Leveling Up: Creating Everything from Nothing with Natalie Jill

Podcast's mission: "Learn how to achieve success beyond anything you ever dreamed possible, by leveling up, even when the odds are stacked against you."

Confidence-building daily practice: "Age in reverse. I mean what I just said. When we were kids, we believed we could do and become anything. Time didn't matter, we were truly present. We didn't care or know what others thought about us! We lost that along the years. This is the theme of my new book Aging in Reverse -- approaching things from that perspective changes confidence."

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Use past experiences to empower your future: "10 years ago I was a divorced single mom, broke, overweight, in debt and had lost my house and my confidence. But, I created a vision, declared it was happening and never looked back. I was on 11 magazine covers after the age of 40 (despite society saying I was too old) and I became a master at creating a vision, shifting my mindset and learning to create all possibilities from nothing. You are not too old, it is not too late and all things are possible at all times."

Authentic sales practice: "False Assume Truths (FAT) and self-imposed stops are real. We all have stories, pasts, and belief sets that stop us from fully living our potential. I wish more would not be enrolled in that and instead ask, 'But what if I could?'"

Listen to episodes here

4. BossBabe Podcast with Natalie Ellis and Dr. Danielle Canty

Podcast's mission: "Show how to balance life and achieve peak performance while building a successful business. The real behind the scenes action takes place on this podcast with Natalie and Danielle sharing their journey with ambitious women around the world."

Natalie's confidence-building daily practice: "I preemptively get really grateful for the things that are going to happen in my day. By doing this, my subconscious thinks they've already happened. And its a lot easier to be confident about something you think you've already achieved than something you don't know if you will achieve."

Use past experiences to empower your future: "When I decided to leave my first-ever business, it felt like such a failure. I just couldn't make it profitable. What I realized after leaving it and starting my second business was that I just didn't really want to make it profitable because I wasn't truly passionate about it. This led me to start a company that was so aligned with my mission and the way I wanted to create my life that I would stop at nothing to find the success I imagined."

Authentic sales practice: "Honestly, ask for the sale. A big issue I see when people aren't making sales is that they're actually just not selling. Don't be afraid to be bold and ask for the sale. Understand your true value and don't be afraid to lead with it. Know that the right people are going to see your worth and will pay what feels good to you. If you are able to know your true value and can sell that to someone, you'll find a fit."

Listen to episodes here

Sarah Pendrick

CEO, TV Show Host and International Speaker

Sarah is an international speaker, humanitarian, tech founder and TV show host, and is a leader in the transformation space. Sarah showcases that being a female entrepreneur doesn’t look just one way.

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