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Be a Better Leader in 2018 by Doing These 3 Things

Are you getting the most you can from your employees?

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Take a look at some of the most successful leaders of large brands -- the Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos -- and you will notice one similarity: They lead and inspire through their influence. It's not necessarily what you do or what you say that makes your employees and team members respect you and trust your vision -- it's who you are.

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The best leaders have an unparalleled work ethic and the determition to overcome any obstacle in their way, while also understanding they need to interact and communicate with their team like human beings. You can't be a good leader without authentic and genuine human interaction.

Here are three things to do in order to become a better leader this year.

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1. Listen more.

There are very few things more stressful and overwhelming than starting a business. The minute you decide to make the leap and become an entrepreneur, you immediately wear several hats and take on countless responsibilities.

Many entrepreneurs assume the "boss" role and become dictators, letting their title cloud their better judgment. Instead, communicate just like you would in a normal conversation. Speak, but more importantly, listen.

Listen outside of your own conversations as well. When you constantly have your ears open, you will pick up on things that can be improved upon within your company that will not only make your team members happier and more productive, but also have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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2. Be straightforward.

Have you ever had a boss in the past that was very unpredictable? Meaning, you never knew what his or her reaction would be if you went to them with a question or suggestion? If you're not straightforward 100 percent of the time, your team members will do everything they can to avoid communicating with you.

If this disconnect occurs, you will drastically water down your influence. A strong leader is approachable at all times and straightforward.

One of the simplest solutions is to always leave emotions, personal issues and distractions at the door. When you walk into work, or start your day from a remote location, those "other" things can't come along. Check them at the door until your day is over.

Life happens, and we all deal with things outside of our professional lives, but it's how we handle those other things that impact the type of leaders we become. Consistency is key when it comes to communication -- your team needs to know they can come to you at any time or discuss any topic -- and that trust is built by being straightforward.

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3. Give team members a voice.

It's important that you make it routine and easy for people to speak up when needed. "In team meetings, as well as in one-on-one meetings, make sure you have time allocated for discussion. One way we really got the communication and feedback flowing was by appointing a new team member to field questions, comments and concerns at the end of each meeting. We found employees will often open up and hold back less when speaking directly to another employee," says Yosef Adelman, CEO of Falcon Marketing.

The most successful leaders today have a strong vision, and empower their entire team to have a voice, allowing them to contribute to the vision. By giving your team a voice, you empower them to contribute to the overall well-being and growth of your company.

There are also several employee feedback platforms you can use to help make communication between team members easier. These are very transparent and keep you organized.

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