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Business Lessons From Tiger Woods' Triumph at the Masters

Tiger Woods went a very long time without a win but he never gave up on himself.

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Tiger Woods' victory at the 2019 Masters tournament is being hailed as one of the greatest comeback in history. The tournament marks the player's first win after a gap of over a decade during which Woods underwent significant physical and psychological trauma before finally emerging a winner.

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The analogy of this triumph is akin to ' story at . After founding the company and being compelled to leave it, Jobs not only returned to Apple, he actually took the firm to unprecedented heights. Tiger Woods had been soaring great heights in his golfing career when his fall from grace happened.

The last major championship he had won was way back in 2008. The years that followed were plagued with physical injuries which required multiple surgeries, a very public meltdown of his marriage owing to an infidelity scandal, overuse of prescription drugs and arrest under DUI.

A couple of years back even the most ardent Woods fans were wondering if he would ever win another title. People were actually speculating if he would ever play competitively again, let alone winning a tournament. The prolonged gap between Tiger's last victory and the recent one is what makes it so much more awe-inspiring.

This win isn't just a personal triumph for Woods. It is a lesson for all of us in patience, perseverance and dedication. Here's what you can learn from the spectacular comeback.

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Perseverance pays in the long run

The journey to success is different for everyone. Whether you plan to build a tech business focused on app development or are planning on a non-tech startup, scaling both businesses requires an amalgamation of dedication and perseverance. The entrepreneurial road is strife with ups and downs.

There would be times when everything is hunky dory and all would seem right with the world. Conversely, there would also be days, months or years when nothing would seem to be going right. The fear of failure is one of the biggest deterrents to becoming an entrepreneur.

Perseverance is the key to wading through unknown waters. Tiger Woods had virtually lost it all, publically messed up big time, lost his form and winning streak and yet he persevered and emerged a winner. "You never give up," he says. "That's a given. You always fight. Just giving up is never in the equation."

Believe in yourself and follow the roadmap

This win is probably the biggest example of believing in one's capabilities and skills. Woods said in an interview with , "I did think this day would come. I knew I had it in me. Did I know it was going to be this week? No. But I had a good feeling that the way I was playing, I was going to be in the mix."

This unwavering belief in your abilities is what you need to succeed. Having a business idea is just the start of the entrepreneurial path. Strategic roadmapping, which involves testing and validating your business idea needs to be backed by a belief in yourself. The timeline and extent may vary but and dedication are the two key factors that define your success.

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Use your strengths to your advantage

Perfection is a myth. The positives are balanced out by the negative but it is the focus on the former that leads you onto the path of success. Tiger Woods started out young and achieved immense success but time did take a toll on his body. After recovering from a series of injuries, having undergone multiple surgeries and battling with the onset of advancing age, he still focused on the positives and used them to his advantage to win the fifth Masters tournament.

"I felt if I could somehow piece this together that I still had the hands to do it. The body's not the same as it was a long time ago, but I still have good hands," Woods said in an interview post his win at Augusta.

In order to succeed, you need to figure out the positives and focus on them as well. Put all your strengths into the minimum viable product (MVP). Make it a compelling product offering that adds value in the lives of people it is intended for and success is bound to follow.

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Staying grounded is the recipe to success

Don't lose hope when you fail and don't get your head up in the clouds when you succeed. The age-old advice is personified by Woods in his win at Masters. When his triumph was labeled as the greatest redemption story in the sport's history, he refuted the claim and pointed to Ben Hogan who went on to win the US Open in 1950, just one and a half years after nearly dying in a car crash.

"It's still sinking in", said Woods when asked to comment on his 15th major championship win. Donning of the famed green jacket by woods for the fifth time in his life seems to herald a new era for Wood. The renewed vigor he brings in the game and his humbleness at his comeback makes him a true golfing champion.

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