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How Sarah Pendrick Is Empowering the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs The Founder of GirlTalk discusses her early beginnings and her commitment to inspiring women entrepreneurs.

By Terry Rice Edited by Dan Bova


Sarah Pendrick is a leader in the women empowerment space. She's an international speaker who recently addressed attendees of the Women Economic Forum in Los Angeles with a talk entitled "How Women Can Master Bravery and Become Unstoppable." She is the founder of the GirlTalk Network, which, as she describes, has a mission to create events that connect and inspire and provide resources and tools for women nationwide.

Sarah showcases how being a woman entrepreneur and tech founder doesn't have to look just one way. During our interview, she discussed her motivation and how she empowers other women.

An entrepreneur from the start

"Like every young entrepreneur that you know, I was on the corner selling lemonade in my early years! I would also go to my dad's office and pretend to own the company, answering the phone, having 'meetings' in my office. After many years of pretend jobs, my first paying job was nannying, I could not wait to get out there and make money and be out in the world. I thrived off making my own hours and having each day be different. A lot of the families I nannied for were very wealthy. I watched how they did things, paid attention to their lifestyle and also how they gave back to their communities."

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Empowering other women entrepreneurs through GirlTalk

"GirlTalk is both my personal brand and a brand for women everywhere. I combined the 'for purpose' and nonprofit aspect in which all parts of my brand give back in some way. I do everything from events, programs and connection tours around the world. It is a place that anyone can go to feel empowered, seen, understood, celebrated and make their dreams come true. I had my first business plan for my vision of GirlTalk when I was 14 years. I wanted to change the stereotyped meaning of 'girl talk' into a term of empowerment, business and world-changing talk. My vision and the legacy I am creating for GirlTalk is that women can be anything that they want to be in this world. Women do not have to be just one thing -- there are endless possibilities, ways and options."

Sarah's impact on her community

"Recently, a woman reached out to me and said, 'You have changed my life more than you ever will know. I never thought I could learn to believe and love myself, you taught me how to let go and release the things that had been holding me back my whole life. You are a true inspiration and I am grateful for you.' When you see notes like that it just reconfirms everything we're doing and truly is making a difference!"

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Her advice for other entrepreneurs

"Entrepreneurship is both the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done. It will always be that way as you continue to start and build companies and get to each next level. Self-care and personal development are the most important practices in my life. Just a few practices that everyone can start today are journaling, visualization and paying it forward. Journaling every day in the morning releases creativity, empowering thoughts and trains your mind to let go of limiting beliefs or doubts you are carrying. Visualizing and declaring what you want to the universe puts it into motion, and paying it forward releases endorphins. For every entrepreneur, meditation and visualization must be a non-negotiable to create the mindset you need to be empowered."

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Continuing to expand her knowledge

"I'd like to further study judgment and comparison. I break myths and stereotypes and am dedicated to finding the root as to why these exist in the first place. I believe that what we believe and think, we become. One of the gaps that hold humans back from becoming who they truly are and taking action in their life is judgment and comparison. I am committed to breaking these patterns for myself and standing for others so that we can continue to be innovative in our ways of being."

Terry Rice

Entrepreneur Staff

Business Development Expert-in-Residence

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